10 Signs Your Man is Completely in Love With You

by freespirit
Signs Your Man is Completely in Love With You

Love is not the same for everyone. That’s the uniqueness of it. But the problem with this uniqueness is that you can never really identify if someone loves you or not. However, if your boyfriend or husband loves you, he will show the following signs. These are the ten ways that your man expresses his love for you:

1. Effort

If your man loves you, he will not make excuses to spend time alone or in the office. He will put an effort into making you his priority and spend more time with you.

2. Advice

When your man trusts you and your intelligence, he truly values you as a partner. He needs your advice to make a decision and makes you a part of his decision-making process.

3. Future Plans

If a man is making plans about a trip and asking you how you would like it, then he’s putting you with him in his future vision. The planning might be about an event that might take place years from now, but this kind of thinking shows that he is in love.

4. Small Details

When a guy cares a lot about you, he will remember every tiny detail about you. He will also try to find out a lot more about you and your life – your dreams, friends, and even your boring job!

5. Pleasing You

If your guy loves you, he will do anything to see that smile on your face. He will make you comfortable and try to treat you like a queen.

6. Initiative

Your guy will take different initiatives to surprise you. He won’t wait for a call or a text. Rather he would love to see that ‘surprise’ on your face because he’s in love with you.

7. Actions

Don’t believe in his words; look at what he does. If he promises something and delivers, if he takes care of you and ensures that you are safe, then he is in love with you.

8. Commitment

Commitment is his middle name. He likes to be committed in every area of his personal life. His actions show that he is in love with you and would like to be a part of your life.

9. Friends

If he loves you, he will talk about you with his friends. If his close friends are aware of many things about you, he might have revealed it to them out of love for you.

10. Support

He is there for you during the hard times. If you fight, he wants to talk and make things work out. He doesn’t want to lose you.

If your man shows all these signs, then consider yourself lucky. He is in love. With you.

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