3 Words of Advice for the Natural Born Loser

3 Words of Advice for Pessismistic People

Have you ever been told that you have a bad attitude? I can count a handful of people in my life who are downright negative. They’ve told me flat-out that they’re always on the losing team. That they never win at anything, and if it were a coin flip or a fifty-fifty chance at winning, they would choose wrong.

How could this be possible?

The natural-born loser is hyper-focused on everything they didn’t get in an attempt to deflect real and genuine introspection of self, deny responsibility and shift the focus onto others in a never-ending game of blame.

The natural-born loser has little or no self-control and is conflicted when it comes to life in general, harbouring unhealed wounds and bleeding on others who didn’t cut them. The natural-born loser is in a particular mindset that they can’t seem to shake. The natural-born loser has a problem trusting their intuition and tends to make decisions from their wounded ego.

This is your wake up call.


Positivity goes a long way. If you can’t be positive, (without being fake about it), try being optimistic.

Optimism fosters faith and success, whether it be in a relationship or a paycheck, you have to have the right attitude. It’s not what you have, or what you think you are entitled to; it’s about having a winning attitude and a positive mindset. When like attracts like, you will surround yourself with winners and you’ll feel like one too.


Anything worth having isn’t going to come easy. It’s going to take grit and determination.

If you want to flip a coin, put yourself on both sides of it, and bet on you. Now tell me, are you a winner or a loser? Think about it.


Instead of continually trying to prove everything to the world, start with yourself. Push past your gut instincts, past your ego-self and into something more profound. Value yourself, listen to your heart and let your intuition guide you. You are the only person who can make you a winner.

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