Coronavirus Infographic A Book for Young Children

COVID-19: Kids Infographic about Coronavirus

How are your children coping with the coronavirus pandemic? Are they feeling scared or confused? 

This infographic (below) will help your children talk about how they think and the ways they can help. Its illustrated in a straightforward fashion that’s easy to understand and available in many languages. 

As COVID-19 quickly became a global pandemic, the words quarantine and lockdown became common. As this fear-dom rapidly swept the globe, the stock markets took a nosedive. The supermarkets were near empty, and toilet paper was in short supply. It was clear that the driving force of the economy and market motivator was “extreme fear.”

As adults, the situation and risks we are facing are understandable, while children may not understand. They may not know why they are not able to go to school, go to the park or continue with life as usual. They may be feeling fine in terms of physical health. Yet, many questions need to be addressed by adults, parents and caregivers alike. When situations such as these arise, children can feel scared and confused.
This short infographic (a book about coronavirus for young children) will help to alleviate the fear and confusion. It gives children an active role in helping to stop the spread of the virus.

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