How To Raise Spiritually Awakened Children

How to Raise Spiritually Awakened Children

“The nearest thing to heaven is a child.”All children are born with what is called extrasensory abilities. Expressed or unexpressed, all children have unique gifts of what would be considered spiritually awakened children. It is the only time and improper nurture of these natural gifts that stunt our children’s natural abilities.

How can we know every child has these gifts? It is quite simple, and it is because all abilities, psychic awareness, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. simulate at the heart center. It is only by knowing your own heart that you can give these gifts to the world. Intuition is the basis of our connection to the esoteric and intuition stems from feelings that are generated by our heart centers.

Children are born with open heart chakras, a perfect balance of loving energy that has been undisturbed, untouched and unscathed. Only to learn emotional traumas and toils “growing pains” in this physicality. It takes courage to come to this plane and fight the battles of this world. And yet, we are all here.

We are all in this present moment learning and discovering emotional hardships on our quests for spiritual fulfillment and joy. As it is only, by connecting back to our source of creation while here, can we experience the euphoric state of our spiritual, eternal origin.

If we want to raise spiritually awakened children, we must know what steps to take to raise children with high EQs.

The following points are essential in ensuring that we are promoting and encouraging the spiritual growth of our children, which will provide a spiritually evolved society in the future.

How to raise spiritually awakened children.


So many parents reject crying from their children, and we need to teach our children that crying is OK. Emotions of anger, guilt, sadness, happiness, and joy should be embraced. By teaching our children that it is not OK to be angry, we are teaching them to repress the deeper emotions. When we repress emotions, they harbour inside and become unresolved feelings that block the heart center. All emotions should be expressed in healthy ways.


1. Recognize the emotion

2. Bring it “front and center” to allow your child to understand the feeling of anger, frustration or sadness.

3. If your child is angry. It’s your job to find the hurt. All rage and frustration stem from an unhealed hurt. Most times, violence erupts from a more profound pain that the child can’t process. Take the time to work through the primary and secondary emotions in order to heal it.


Good Boy!, Bad Boy! Remove this from your vocabulary!— By teaching your child that he or she is good or you are bad, you are instilling a process, of self-worth and separation within themselves. They begin to view themselves with an alter ego. And so we have born the angel on the right shoulder and a devil on the left.

There is no angel and no devil; there is only good deeds and bad deeds. We need to focus on the act and not the child. There are things that we say and do that may hurt others, or ourselves, and things we can do and say that love others and ourselves. The correction is in the deed, not the child.


This may seem obvious, but it is much deeper. Children say things, and we like to think they are just saying things because they are kids, and they say just about anything. But when you listen and pay attention, you will begin to notice slight intuitive abilities. It is your job to find these abilities, and it is your job to nurture that ability so that they can give their gift to the world.

Do not laugh or discard what they tell you, no matter how unrealistic or “off” it may sound. There is so much you can learn from your child, and if you can learn to perceive without judgement or to rationalize what they are saying, you can pierce beyond the veil. It is your programming, that justifies, children do not lie.


Know that your child is not just “your child,” Your child is here for a purpose, for a soul calling, for a mission that only he can complete. And to be able to recognize this, we need to give our children our time. Because our time is the most precious gift you can give them, And by doing so, you will understand why.

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