The Fifth Dimension and the Hidden Key to the Flower of Life

Found in nearly all major religions across the globe, the flower of life is considered to be the most important symbol of sacred geometry. Containing the ancient religious values that represent the fundamental forms of all space and time, the flower of life is the pattern of creation itself.

Within the flower holds a secret set of symbols, known as the Fruit of Life. Through this, one can discover the most important and sacred secrets of the universe. The Fruit of Life is known as the basis for the design of every cell, atom and molecule, which is the blueprint for everything.

The Flower of Life is a testament to the fact that there is one consciousness, behind all of creation. And that all life forms have emerged from a single geometric base code – from the great cosmos, galaxies and stars to our DNA strands, flower petals, pine cones, tree branches, nautilus shells, crystals of diamond, all are based on the same principles of sacred geometry.

But what does the flower of life tell us about the dimensions and how can we apply this understanding to our everyday existence.? How can we gain perspective of our three-dimensional world and the evidently probable, five-dimensional reality?

Let’s begin.

According to theoretical physicist Kip Thorne– while we can only observe the universe in three dimensions, it is very likely that there could be at least five dimensions, which we cannot perceive at this point in our evolutionary process.

If you could expand your consciousness to exist in the fifth dimension, it would be composed of a reality, where the laws of space and time become infinite.

This is what we understand as the ability to walk between the worlds. The coveted “philosophers stone”. In this existence you become your past and future self, experiencing all probable outcomes of your thoughts manifested on a metaphysical level. Possessing the conscious awareness, that your every thought creates a level of reality, where it is carried out into existence.

You, in effect, become the observer of all probable outcomes, of each reality.

Now that we can understand how the fifth-dimensional reality would be experienced… let’s examine what it would look like– in terms of the earth itself and the dimensions.

Roger D. Nelson a professor at Princeton University, recently conducted a study, to measure the field of global consciousness.

His work revealed through a phenomenon called Electrogaiagram (EGG) that we are cells of a single body of consciousness, communicating and connecting by invisible pathways.

These invisible pathways were measured by means of heightened electrical activity that became more profound, when the collective consciousness of millions of people, is focused on one single event. If we are in fact cells in one single body of consciousness as determined by the study, then we understand that we exist inside of one dimension of consciousness. So, what does one dimension look like?

Using the flower of life we can determine that one dimension is one circle.

In our current vocabulary, we understand that we live in a 3-dimensional world and the earth exists as three dimensions of reality. The earth definitely isn’t flat.

So, following this model, the earth would then appear as 3 overlapping and interlinking dimensions, not just one round ball.

A fifth-dimensional reality would then be viewed as the same, with five dimensions, represented by the circles.

In the Trinity of Shamanism, it is believed that the world is divided into three levels of consciousness, and in African Mythology still held today it is believed that in Tanzania, at Mt. Kilimanjaro, lies the fringe between the three worlds.

How Can We Connect?

There are only two known forces in existence, that can exert the force necessary to penetrate all time and space.

The first is love, and the second is gravity.

Love isn’t something that we invented, love exists on a higher dimension and is the one thing that we are capable of perceiving, that transcends time and space. It is quantifiable, but not yet understood. Love is the vibration of creation and the flower of life is the pattern.


According to Newton’s Laws, what we perceive as a finite calculation, could actually have infinite implications, such as gravity.

Gravity is deemed as a force that can “bleed through the dimensions” and in order for this to occur, the dimensions must be linked. Allowing for gravity to cross the dimensions of space and time.

This analogy explains how fifth-dimensional beings who are understood as (future humans, those who have passed on, and those who have mastered the laws of the universe) are able to communicate with us and help to aid in our ascension… from the other side.

Time and space are the illusion, the gravity of love is our connection.

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