The Joker, The Sacred Clown; The Heyoka Empath

The Joker, The Sacred Clown; The Heyoka Empath

Groundhog day is fast approaching, how many will be afraid of their shadows? Send in the sacred clown, the joker, the heyoka empath.

The spiritual teachings and crazy wisdom imparted by the heyoka empath are unparalleled. A clever tactic used to “shake you awake.” Break the moulded-mindset you have grown accustomed to and tear down all of your walls. This clown’s job is to make you uncomfortable. To rattle your cage and bring you out of your comfort zone and into a more profound sense of self. Mind, body and spirit. While the joker (heyoka empath) wears the makeup of the sacred clown, the joke is on you and here’s why.

Heyoka Empath: A Radical Act.

The joker’s tactics are shocking, terrifying and downright atrocious, but then again, the sacred clown is a mirror for your ego, and the role he plays brings awareness to your self-absorbed nature.

The playbook of the joker lies in his attempt to strike at who you think you are. All the while, playfully knowing who you really are. The heyoka begins to stripping away every masking layer that you have created, to hide from your real authentic self.

By the time this joker is through, you’ll know without a doubt that you were the one wearing makeup, not the heyoka. So who’s the clown now?

Heyoka Empath’s Cultural Similarities

While the practices of the heyoka empath are drastic, distasteful and unconventional. Every culture recognizes the critical role the sacred clown plays. Native Americans know clown as the heyoka literally translating to sacred clown or fool. Modern cultures understand him as the joker, Shaman’s and Zen Buddhists call him the bestower of Crazy Wisdom.

True heyoka empaths are a needle in a haystack. The jokers in a deck of cards and the rooks in a game of chess. Influential pieces of reflective–animated truth that has lived on for centuries.

Heyoka’s are known to be the right-wing trouble -makers. But, “what if I told you that the left-wing and the right-wing belong to the same bird.” – Native American Proverb.

A Class-act or a Lunatic?

Heyokas start the show by ruffling the feathers of social order, dancing to the beat of their own drum. Pretentious, poised, well mannered, power-driven, upper-class, “rich kids” are their specialty. Who doesn’t like a clown at a party? They are feared by many hated by some yet, respected by all.

Staying true to the backwards behaviour of the heyoka, the joker laughs when the normal response is to cry. The joker cries when the typical response is to laugh. The sacred clown is tuned in to the spiritual aspect of himself and his act, animates the eternal soul. This way of being is viewed as lunacy to the masses. Delving deeper, we can begin to understand the motivations of this misunderstood delinquent.

The Pain and Suffering of the Heyoka Empath

“God is a concept by which we measure our pain”- John Lennon

The joker is no exception to pain, suffering, grief and loss. In fact, the sacred clown would have endured more pain than most of us could ever imagine before breaking the veil.

“How much pain can you take before you awake? What’s it going to take for you to break?” It’s the name of the game baby.

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