When You Love Someone Who Is An Overthinker.

When You Love Someone Who Is An Overthinker

There are three crucial things to remember when you love someone who is an overthinker. Knowing them could quite literally save your relationship.

First off, here are a few things you should know about an overthinker.

1. Overthinkers tend to delve too deep into the unspoken and dissect every conversation. Perusing it at first and then formulating more questions and sometimes drawing irrational, questionable conclusions.

2. The overthinker is open-minded and possesses the innate ability to tackle a problem by evaluating every angle of the situation at hand.

3. The mind of an overthinker is generally overactive as it tends to feel as though something is overlooked, spoken or unspoken: fact or fiction.

4. The overthinker is eager to formulate a clear mental view of the constructs and framework of life.

5. In relationships with others, the overthinker tends to find more questions than answers. All too often, the overthinker begs the question, “What did (said person) mean by that?” 

6. The overthinker may be mistaken for someone with a suspicious mind or a worrier when, in reality, they are hyper-fixated on understanding the whole picture.


By gaining a clear understanding of the thoughts and ideas of those around them, they can gauge their mental and decision-making processes. Quite simply, it’s the art of putting themselves in “someone else’s shoes” to get perspective.

Now that we understand a little more clearly the mind of an overthinker, here’s what we can do.

Overthinker or a worrywart, know the difference.

First, you will need to discern between an overthinker and a worrier. Yes, there is a big difference.

The mind of an overthinker is overactive. Constantly over-analyzing any given situation, which can eventually lead to analysis paralysis. A condition that causes the individual to become frozen in fear and unable to make a decision.

On the other hand, a worrywart is hyper fixated on only the negative that could transpire. Overly concerned with the pitfalls or challenges of situation and doubting things will ever work out favourably.

It is vital for the overthinker, to make it known that they tend to over-analyze. That there is a tenancy of reading in deeply when other people converse with them. It is equally as crucial for the overthinker to teach others how to communicate with them.

Where do we start?

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

It is crucial to be very direct when conversing with a person such as this. Eliminate grey areas in your speech and leave little to nothing for speculation or pondering after that. If you can become a master at this, you will win over their respect and admiration.

Help steer the ship.

The mind of the overthinker will read very deep into the situation when they feel like they don’t have all the facts. The dots they are connecting may create an unfavourable picture. Assist them in gathering all of the necessary pieces of information so that they may create their masterpiece.

An overthinker’s mind is like a Picasso, lines have been drawn, and dots are connected in various fashions without fluidity but rigidness. Like a piece that is missing from the portrait, but the artist paints it anyways.

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