10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Find Your Soul Family

10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Find Your Soul Family

A very long time ago, I found my soul family. Here’s what I soon realized.

Imagine for a moment that you could choose anyone in your life for a specific task. Someone whom you would agree while you were here in this incarnation…. to completely destroy you.

Who would it be?

Choose one or a few whom you would allow the power in your life to serve you the greatest lesson you will ever learn. Choose who you would pick to serve you up the harshest blow to your heart. To deliver utter humiliation and the complete destruction of everything you hold near and dear to you.

Who would you choose?

Now I understand this is a tricky question, and you are probably wondering why I am asking this.

The good news is, if you already know… then you’ve already found your tribe. If you haven’t a clue who you would choose and are wondering why I would pose such a preposterous question– be on the lookout; your soul group is out there!!

Soul family (ies); Soul groups :

  1. Incarnate together with a specific task, a mission to uphold, and when we connect with each of them, we collect a piece of the puzzle.

A soul family or soul group:

2. Incarnate with the purpose of helping each other wake up, break through the veil and release the illusion of separateness; each soul group works together to achieve this.

It is up to each member to uphold their duty to serve each other. So when you find a member of your soul group… just know that your life is about to undergo radical changes and major transformations that serve your higher good.

Here are the strongest signs that you should pay attention to if you’re wondering if you’ve found your soul family.

10. They strengthen your intuition. 

When you spend time with someone from your soul group, your heart chakra begins to activate due to the harmonious subtle energy exchange. No matter the words spoken, you will feel what they think from the heart. Words become obsolete as if you don’t even need to speak, as most communication is on the energetic, intuitive level.

9. Immediate Connection

A member of your soul group will resonate with you immediately; you will feel comfortable and secure and recognize their energy signature.

8. It’s easy to forgive

As much as we all like to say that we can forgive quickly, sometimes, it takes time to forgive others for their transgressions. This is because it’s harder to understand the intentions of others with whom we don’t connect as deeply as our soul group.

We can forgive members of our soul group more quickly because we already “exist inside of their heart”. We understand the intentions behind their words and the motives behind their actions.

7. Nothing is off-limits

You aren’t afraid to say how you feel to each other, and you can be utterly authentic around them. Those goofy voices you make when you are alone at home or the silly things you did when you were a kid that you thought were funny will come out around people from your soul group. You’re comfortable enough to lay it all out on the table. What you think is funny, they think is funny too.

6. They mirror you.

Every member of your soul group will bring out certain aspects of yourself. Some will bring out positive hidden traits and qualities that you had long forgotten. In contrast, others will serve as your guide in illuminating your darker aspects and hidden influences that need to be brought forward for healing.

5. You just can’t get enough.

Spending time with members of your soul group gives you boundless energy. You feel like you are resonating so high you could fly to the moon. Everything is possible. There is always an equal exchange of energy, and you never feel drained.

4. Programmed similarities

The closest members of a soul group will share similar upbringings. You may have been raised in the same religion, ethnicity or family. All of which promote similar growth that aligns with the group’s overall mission.

3. You don’t manipulate each other

Soul groups aren’t ferociously competitive; if they are, it’s friendly fire. No member aims to “one up” the other or wins the race. Each member takes pleasure in seeing the others succeed in their goals. Soul groups have no need to manipulate one another in order to gain supremacy. The entire purpose of the soul family or group is harmony.

2. Timing is everything

Unlike a twin flame, where the timing can be off “the first go around”, your soul group comes in divine timing. They are there exactly when you feel you have completely given up hope, lost your way or are questioning everything. Your soul group can also come as a complete surprise, one that you might not have been even looking for. But when they leave…

1. They serve as a catalyst for your soul growth

Arguably, the majority of spiritual awakenings come after an intense amount of pain and suffering.

Serving as your personal catalyst for rebirth, spiritual awakening and evolution of consciousness, the departure of your soul group is the most excruciating pain you will ever feel. Alike to falling into the pits of utter darkness, with no bottom…

Yet, it’s all precisely according to scale. The darkness you feel is the deep layers of your own emotional karma, and this intense separation conjures the entirety of all that is to be healed as healing is the only path to freedom of spirit.

This article 10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Find Your Soul Family was originally published here at isoulscience.com November 2015. by LJ Vanier

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