10 Major Shifts in Consciousness You Might Be Experiencing

by freespirit
Rise of the Divine Feminine, consciousness shifts

On an individual and collective level, major changes are blasting through humankind. 

You may have not consciously perceived this, however you would have felt the changes upon you. Speeding up dramatically, like wheels of a cosmic engine that are flexing hard, until our consciousness reaches the speed of light itself.

Freedom, laughter, love, compassion, creation and liberation of self, are on the horizon as we embark upon the new world rising

The following list will prepare you for the shift coming and what can be expected, in this Golden Age that is upon us.

1. Karma

As we know Karma means action.

You will begin to notice that your actions either positive or negative have immediate impact on you and everyone else around you. Whatever you are putting out, you will be getting back.

This will occur at an advanced rate, unlike other lifetimes where you have needed to reincarnate to tie up loose ends. This acceleration is allowing for us all to “settle the scores” that need to be settled.

What I have witnessed is a 2-3 month return on both negative and positive actions.

2. Perception

What we currently view in our surroundings is ‘toned down’ and with the lifting of the veil, comes the opening of our astral eyes. As our astral eyes begin to open once more, we will have the innate ability to finally see as we were meant to.

What was once beautiful to you will become ugly and shadowed and what was once overlooked will become magnificent in grandeur.

The appearance of what was once simple becomes intricate. The appreciation of the sky, the grass, the trees the dirt and the beauty of earths initial creation will far outweigh the appeal of materialistic goods and trade.

It would be like seeing a piece of wood and finally seeing its genetic makeup and connecting to its essence. Or viewing the air around you, and finally seeing the energy of electrons glinting before you.

Have you ever had a moment when you knew that you weren’t alone, yet no one else was visibly in the room with you?  

This shift will finally allow us to see, feel and hear those who are at this time hidden from our view able spectrum.

3. Structural DNA Changes

What was once considered “Junk DNA” is no longer. Scientists have now discovered a vital clue in unraveling these riddles.

The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but now they turn out to play a critical role in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave and interact.

The discovery is considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough.

These higher strands of our DNA will bring us more in tune with our selves as we are beginning to activate our DNA through our ever-expanding consciousness.

Within the double helix there are additional double helix strands which fuse together.

This is the multi dimensional spectrum of DNA manifestation that we are beginning to remember and will catapult our species into evolved galactic being of the universe.

4. Masculine Feminine

Since the beginning of time, the masculine and feminine energy have been separated.

With this separation, the magic and instant manifestation of desires has been compromised. The union of our feminine and masculine energies within each individual is the basis of all creation.

The feminine receives the universal creative energy and the masculine expresses it in the world through action – this giving us a creative process. Our female is inspired by a creative impulse and communicates it to us through a feeling, and our male acts on it by speaking, moving, etc.

Our female intuition plus our male action equals creativity.

In order to live a harmonious and creative life, you need to have both your inner female and male energies fully developed and functioning correctly together.

To live simply out of our intellect would be a cold unloving experience. To simply live out of our feelings, we would be deadlocked in surviving, but not achieving greatness.”

5. Thoughts and Emotions

Mindful control of conscious thought is at the premise of this shift – as thoughts create our emotions.

Careful observation of thought is essential and will be in preparation for the following steps to come. We will no longer allow our emotions to control our actions.

We are energetic beings and emotions carry wavelengths of energy and as such our thoughts and emotions create our own realities.

6. Feelings

Feelings are different from emotions and need to be understood as such.

Feelings are about our intuition, as a feeling is generated from the heart center and perpetuated through the third eye chakra, as intuition of perception.

As we evolve, our intuitive feelings will become heightened through the amplified use of our four major “sixth senses” being,

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Claircognizance

Our telepathic abilities will increase to the point where “lying” is no longer possible.

Speaking through the use of “spoken language” will no longer be used as our thoughts will become our main communication and interaction with one another.

7. Astral Projection and Remote Viewing

Whether you are aware of this or not, astral projections are happening now and there are many projectors around the world who have tapped in to this level of consciousness.

Remote viewing is the ability to astral travel to a specific place and time and witness the activities of those on this earth plane, remember them and returning to your own body with the knowledge.

We all have the ability to astral project, because we all are endowed with spiritual gifts of the “6th senses”. It is up to you whether or not you will make the conscious changes in your life to enhance this ability.

Meditation is key, as well as enhancing your intuition through third eye exercises, cultivating the intuitive process.

8. Endless Possibilities

Unfolding consciousness is key to understanding the endless possibilities of our own reality.

Our current reality is based upon our choice, the actions of others and just a bit of chance. With the understanding that we do not exist on single line, of birth until death we can become the creators of our own future.

Each of the alternate possibilities of reality are as real as your current reality that you consciously perceive in this state.  

With this shift, we will have the ability to see the “alternate endings” and therefore choose the best possible outcome giving the ability to live the life of our dreams.

While also viewing the alternate realities of the choices not chosen.

9. Creationists

Near the further end of this shift,

“every thought will have drastic an immediate impact. All dreams will become reality and so will our nightmares. The future will become a battle of ideas and we must learn to direct our minds”.

In the future, we will be the creators out of the ether, or (aether) as it was called in ancient times.

Our thoughts will unfold our surroundings. With every step you take you will be creating what you are stepping on, with your own thoughts and nothing more.  

We will have the ability to create entire worlds in the blink of an eye, as well as destroy them.

10. Connectivity

Our evolving consciousness will no longer be singular.

The connectivity between all things will become apparent upon this shift. Whether it be the linking up between you and another human being, a plant, animal and even the spiritual realm on this plane. 

These can be exciting or fearful, the choice is up to you. This evolution of consciousness is exploding at a rampant rate and it is constantly “amping” (amplifying) up in potency.

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