10 Things You Need To Know About Loving An Introvert

by freespirit

In today’s society, where extroverted people are more accepted, introverted people constantly face challenges to fit in. However, more and more people are beginning to understand that not all of us have to fit in the same mould and just because some people prefer quiet times alone, it doesn’t mean they are socially awkward and do not care about other people’s emotions.

If you are an extrovert who found yourself in love and/or dating an introvert, here are 10 tips that can help you understand them, make your relationship more enjoyable, and help work things out between the two of you.

1. Small talk oh small talk

It is what we do most of the time when we socialize with others, you know, talking about whether, a football game, so and so’s problems, gossip etc. Most of the time when we get together with other people it is perfectly acceptable for us to carry out conversations that don’t have deep meanings, in fact, half of the time our hands and eyes are on our cellphones checking and updating our social media profiles. This is quite draining and boring for an introvert. Small talks like this are tiring, and they don’t have a purpose for them. Usually, when they find themselves in such situations, they either find a way to quickly get out of them, or if they can’t, they go home and need days alone to recharge themselves. By nature, introverts love conversations that go somewhere, conversations that carry new knowledge for them, and that give them new areas to explore. They love to communicate on this level, not because they think they are brighter than others but because that is what feeds them emotionally and mentally.

2. Don’t call them or show up at their door unexpectedly

This includes useless (to them) text messages too. It is wiser to give them enough time to get themselves ready for interaction with another human being. Introverts usually get stressed out and panicked when they unexpectedly find themselves in face-to-face or over-the-phone interactions. So if you want to plan a day out with them, don’t surprise them by ringing their doorbell saying, come on, let’s go! Instead, make plans in advance and give them time to mentally adjust to the upcoming event. They will appreciate it when they see you show respect for their privacy, and it will make them respect you and trust you more. Because for them, it is a sign that you understand them and you are willing to make an effort to make them feel comfortable. It is a huge plus.

3. They can’t go out with you every time you want it

Extroverted people usually jump from one thing to another seamlessly, and most of the time, they don’t really need much time to get ready to go somewhere and meet people. When your partner is an introvert, they will surely try to make an effort to join you in certain occasions, but there will be times when they will prefer time alone. Do not take it personally and do not let it upset you thinking they don’t care about you, your friends or the things that matter to you. It is simply not true. Extroverted people increase their energy levels when they are out and about and with others, but it is the opposite for an introverted person. If you were able to convince your partner to go to a party with you, have the understanding that they might want to leave sooner, even if it means they have to leave without you. Allow them to be able to leave if they feel uncomfortable, tired and drained.

4. Introverts are not socially awkward people

We know more today about how an introverted brain functions. They are not people you should be scared of or sociopaths or people who hate everyone. Introverts love and care about their family and friends just like everyone else. They should not be seen as someone you should keep your distance from because they appear to be a closed box. It just takes more time for them to open up, talk about themselves, and show affection to others. There is nothing wrong with needing more time. It is also not an intelligence thing or lack thereof. Introverted people pay more attention to what is happening around them and are very good at analyzing people because they love observing everything. They can give you great advice if you need it. Because you will see how much they know and notice about people and places and how accurate their observations can be. This surprises extroverts most of the time because they never expect this kind of accuracy from someone who barely interacts with others.

5. Introverts are not rude

If your partner is an introvert, when you get to know him/her, you will see that they are not emotionally unavailable and are not rude. They care about your feelings and try their best to be there for you when you need them. In the beginning, you might find their lack of communication rude or careless, but this is the process they need to figure out who you are and if you are someone they can trust enough to communicate with. Once you show them you are sincere, they will enjoy spending time with you, open up to you and help you whenever you need them. They can be the best confidants because they know what privacy means. They are generally very gentle souls who are worried about hurting others because they don’t want to get hurt themselves.

6. Show them you care

If you got to a point with an introvert where they are feeling comfortable enough to talk to you, then it means you made an effort to genuinely listen to them. For that, you deserve a big hug. Introverts immediately notice the difference between someone who listens to them and just pretends. Once they feel you are not really “there” but just physically present, they will immediately shut themselves down and just prefer to be alone.

7. Find activities you can both do together

You can have fun and a real good time with an introverted partner. It just depends on what you do. If you pick activities that involve you and him/her and not others, they will prefer that over going to a party or a bar with you. You can exercise together, walks on the beach, watch a movie at home, travel to quiet destinations… possibilities are endless.

8. Pick quiet places for dates

Instead of seeing a movie at a very busy time or going to a busy restaurant, try to pick low-profile places like small restaurants, little cafes, and time in nature. Crowded places drain them; they don’t feel comfortable in the middle of a crowd at a restaurant or a bar. A concert may not be the best option. However, if you pick a not-so-busy place for dinner together, they will prefer it and have a good time with you.

9. They need time to trust you

Sincerity is one of the most important things for introverts. They can smell “fakeness” from miles away. So give the time they need to trust you so they can communicate with you comfortably.

10. Respect their need for quiet alone time

This is just the way it is. They might tell you they need to be alone for a little while. Do not see this as a sign of a lack of interest. Do not take it personally. This is how introverts recharge themselves to find the courage and energy needed to interact with others. They find great comfort in their personal space and during their quiet, alone times.

This article 10 Things You Need to Know About Loving an Introvert was originally published here at isoulscience.com July 19 2016.

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