30th August New Moon Transforms You To Reach New Dimensions

by freespirit

The New Moon will come into the Virgo sign and be a perfect period to begin a new kind of inspiration. You will start finding yourself in a new dimension with the planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars tying in to help you out. Mars brings a strong sense of individuality and combines it with the Virgo Moon. Its masculine energy is all geared for getting work done the right way.

This Moon is all about recharging your inner energy and getting off the ground to add some value to your life. It is going to push you to achieve great things. However, the Martian energy can also make you impatient and make you work on your impulses a lot more. Mercury’s presence will also help bring a bit of temperance in our lives and thus, make you look before you make a leap. So, use the energy of Mercury to gain more wisdom and find clarity in areas of life that are uncertain.

Venus will be closing in on New Moon and thus, bringing a lot of creative energy in your life. It will spark romance and add a bit of weight in your relationship too. The New Moon might bring about a way to soften the troubles in your relationship and bring the two of you into a new dimension. Harmonious waves of energy will be flowing between the two of you during the New Moon. August might come up with fresh inspiration if you have been feeling stuck. But the Cosmos is bringing new energy to you to integrate with your life and apply yourself. It will help you to accept the new changes and develop yourself in a new manner.

It’s time to question our priority and what really matters to us. Start keeping a journal and keep a reminder to be grounded. Don’t get so busy that you end up feeling burned out. During this Virgo Moon, recognize yourself to be an observer. Start by meditating constantly and bring new health and happiness to your life.

Bring joy to your life – make things happen for you.

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