8 Ways to Attract Positive Relationships

by freespirit

Are you looking to create more authentic and positive relationships in your life? It’s something we all need more of and sometimes, it can feel like the relationships we have been dragging us down and downright draining us of our precious energy.

Even after a spiritual awakening, or a shift in consciousness towards a more spiritual path, we find that we can’t keep the level of vibration that we need to sustain the levels of light, love, and soulful expression, we once had attained. We feel like we would do anything to get back to it, but we can’t seem to move forward past these “negative relationships” that are all around us.

Knowing more about energy will be the key to achieving what we seek.

8. Get Out of the Past

How many times have you heard, “how can you begin a new chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one”.

There is nothing that resonates more than this statement. As an instinctual reaction, it’s natural for us to formulate an expectation of the future and project it forward based on our memories. However, this precise action is in direct opposition to our own natural biology, as well as the laws of nature and reality itself.

What we perceive to be reality is just an illusion, and at every moment photons and electrons are flashing on and off, and this flashing is known to be the death and birth of these photons/electrons at the speed of light itself.

This phenomenal occurrence is happening throughout the entire universe and “in your body, your skin cells are dying once every month, your stomach cells die every five days, and the liver renews itself every six weeks. Your DNA, that makes the genetic material inside those cells, that is holding the memories of 13.8 million years of cosmological time, is not the same as what just a few weeks ago.”- Deepak Chopra.

These organs and cells are recreating themselves all the time. Now, tell me are you the same person as you were last year? How about, a week ago? Didn’t think so.

When we recycle memories in our minds, we are unconsciously generating the old energy of these experiences, in order to “keep them alive” in our cells, so that the ego can continue to feed off of the attachment.

So like the old saying goes, “if you love something, let it go” because attachment is not love, love is without attachment, need, or want. And when you do this, you will raise your vibration by letting the old energy die off, allowing for new more positive energy to flow through.

7. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your old habits and routines is a great way to break up stagnant energy. When you get up and get out, you can’t help but change. Your perspective of life is measured by your surroundings and trying new things brings you a larger perspective of the world around you. Not to mention, the body loves movement. 

6. Let people judge you

This is also something that you may have heard several times, and it is one of the hardest to undergo. It can be very difficult to appreciate, a good kick in the face. But when it comes, it is always exactly what we need, and here’s how. Because everyone in your life is a mirror, they will reflect the light and the dark aspects of yourself.

Now when someone criticizes you, they are taking your un-illuminated, low vibrational energy, and showing it to you. They are your energy busters and they (unknowingly themselves) have come to help you transform and evolve.

The only aspect of you that becomes “hurt” is your ego, but the soul doesn’t mind and is actually thankful. So, embrace your opposition, they are doing you a big favor, and remember to always “love your enemies”.

5. Understand that rejection is a good thing

Rejection is a judgment on steroids. Flat out, someone has told you that “whatever you have going on they don’t want any part of it”. This can feel pretty bad, but don’t feel that way.

It just means that you either haven’t evolved to the point where they are, or they haven’t evolved to your level. It’s all about matching frequencies. If you feel rejected, you need to work on your self-worth and know that the door was closed on you because on some level you knew better. If you only consciously knew better, you would have closed it yourself. Keep going, you’ll find your match in every situation.

4. No more complaining

It is said that 99% of all conversation is complaining and when you think about it, it’s pretty accurate. Every time you engage in conversation that involves the “what’s not going right”, you lower your vibrational energy.

This is an old habit and it can be hard to kick because just about everyone engages in it. Making the conscious choice when you find yourself complaining or speaking to someone else is, to find a new perspective and bring it into your conversation.

3. Stop overthinking everything

Overthinking creates a rash of problems that typically would not have presented themselves had we not given them so much attention.

This is because when we overthink things our actions then begin to follow our thinking. If we would have just left it alone, and let it be we wouldn’t find ourselves in our current circumstances. Calm your mind and reassure yourself, that what you are worried about is likely not going to happen. No action needs to be taken, just let it flow and let it ride

2. Love yourself first

We attract who we are, not what we want. So the more inner work we have done to illuminate the darker aspects of ourselves, the more we allow for a positive flow of energy.

By raising our vibrations, we shed the energies of our former selves and allow for the cataclysmic transformation of the former. Positive thinking can only last so long until it too, becomes a false mask we put on to hide unresolved emotions.

Give thought to the aspects of yourself that you value most as well as the negative, and be comfortable in your own skin. Every one of us has a shadow side that we don’t show to anyone, but when can embrace this shadow, we give rise to a power within us that allows our true light to shine.

1. Open your heart

Living with an open heart is a courageous way to be. Especially if you’ve endured the pain of loss. Have courage and don’t let it take away from what you might gain.

Don’t close your heart to love and remember that love is without attachment. It is the one thing that is everlasting and transcends all space and time. Love is the ether, love is the fifth element that gives birth to all of creation. So create the life you desire for yourself, create the relationships you seek to explore. And always, be authentic in your wishes, let your soul speak.

This article 8 Ways to Attract More Positive Relationships in Your Life was originally published here on December 22 2015 and has been republished with permission to thespiritscience.net.

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