Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope

by freespirit
Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope

It’s time to take a look at what April has in store for Scorpio! As the zodiac’s eighth sign, Scorpio is curious, passionate, and intense. This month will be all about reconnecting with yourself and making sure that your needs are being met. So let’s see what the stars have in store!

April is all about connecting with yourself—which is something that Scorpios are great at. With Venus and Pluto both in retrograde, it’s important to re-evaluate your relationships and make sure that they are still healthy. If you have been feeling disconnected from someone close to you, now is the time to make amends and get back on track.

The new moon on April 11th will bring a surge of creative energy – so don’t be afraid to tap into this powerful current! Embrace your passions and focus on projects that make you feel inspired. Take some time to explore your interests – whether it’s music, art, or something else entirely – and use this moment as an opportunity for personal growth.

When Mercury enters Taurus on April 14th, there will be an influx of positive energy surrounding communication and understanding. This will be a great time for discussing any issues you may have with friends or family members because there is a good chance that everyone will be willing to listen and compromise. Use this period of clarity as an opportunity to clear the air with those closest to you.

April has a lot in store for Scorpios! Reconnecting with yourself should always be a priority, but this month it’s especially important. Make sure that your needs are being met and don’t be afraid to explore new possibilities when it comes to creative projects or relationships. With the help of Venus retrograde and Mercury entering Taurus, April should bring plenty of clarity – so make sure you take advantage of these moments! Good luck!

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