The Black New Moon Arrives: Time For Transformations

by freespirit

The Black Moon is a special one. It will occur in the Virgo sign and is probably one of the best times to start off something new! It’s time to reflect and bring a change into your life. August 30 is a great time for romance as well – so, strengthen your marriage or relationship. This celestial event will affect each zodiac in the following way:


Your professional side will get a re-evaluation. If you are hoping for some transformation to take place, then it is now that things will start to alter. Take care of yourself and review certain things about your routine.


The pressure in on you but you have to start finding ways to manage life goals. A new kind of love might come to you so, start observing the signs. If you are trying for a baby, you might get good news soon enough.


Your partner and you will be going through some problems. There will be some disagreements and things will start to explode in your life. Don’t give in to temper.


It’s time to engage with new friends. At times, you might have things going your way and sometimes, it might even unexpectedly exciting! Restore yourself during this time by staying in nature and focusing on things that matter.


You have to take some financial decisions now. There might be an avenue where things will happen to you – find it out and start moving down that lane.


Defend your ideas. Don’t shut yourself in any longer. Many changes are coming in your life – so, create an intention and bring happiness to your life. Start a detox regime if you have to.


Love’s in the air! Finally, a relationship you have been thinking about might materialize. This New Moon is also a great time to join an NGO and help others.


Singles, it’s time to take some time to mingle. And if you’re in a committed relationship, then maybe you’ll get a few new friends. Create some new goals and go for them.


Alter certain things in your career front. You have to accept things as they come but not try to win everything. You might want to go for a change in career too.


You might get a new friend or engage with someone sexually. If you have a trip, then get someone to join you. The New Moon is sending positive vibes to you so, start learning something new and update your CV.


It’s time to pick up something new for you. Transform yourself – change your diet and it might bring your health into a new dimension. Don’t engage in materialistic arguments with your partner or spouse.


It’s time to hit a major jackpot. Your heart is beating fast and the New Moon is making you enter the commitment zone. Be careful now – you are entering a brand-new world. Be practical and don’t sacrifice too much for something.

This New Moon is all about changes Are you ready for them?

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