The True Meaning of Ascension

by freespirit

Ascension, in its basic spiritual sense, can be thought of as the highest state of humanity in terms of conscious awareness and spiritual evolution.

It is the expansion of the mind’s perception and the clear understanding of being one with the creator. A oneness with the universe.

Anyone seeking ascension understands that ‘ascending’ is taking something considered a lower vibration and raising it up to become a higher vibration. This is why many Spiritual traditions aim to achieve the dissolution of the human ego being (the lower self) to realize the true nature of their being or the Higher Self.

Ascension, in the true sense of the word, does not translate to one’s physical body being raised up or lifted off the ground flying through the air to arrive in heaven.

A more accurate depiction would be the idea of bringing heaven to earth by raising your lower vibrational being (your ego) and transcending your non-physical being to a higher vibrational state.

In the metaphysical sense, ascension is about shifting your conscious awareness and entering alternate realities and planes of existence through intention and thought.

It is sort of like changing the station on the radio. When you tune or dial into a particular frequency, you are then in vibrational alignment with that in which you exist in.

How is this possible?

At its fundamental level, our material world is composed of molecules made of atoms, which come from subatomic particles, such as protons and electrons. These protons and electrons have been proven to be 99.99% space.  

When you touch your hands together, it is just empty space touching more empty space with the slightest amount of energetic spin. Thus, the constituents of all matter have no physical structure.

So by the most minor scale, the idea of physical reality is, in fact, non-existent. Giving weight to the understanding that we are simply conscious and the entire universe is a multitude of frequency vibrations.

Our thoughts create our own reality as we seamlessly walk through it, manifesting our every outcome and circumstance. Each thought we have holds its own vibration. As the universe is not made of things, but networks of vibrational energy.

This realization effectively transpires as the entering into a self-aware universe. Through this self-awareness, we understand that there are energetic beings that can exist on higher vibrational platforms of reality.


You can and most certainly will encounter these other life forms in these alternate planes of reality. Which can include angelic beings, alien-like creations and other non-physical entities that can guide you towards the liberation of self. Showing you the steps you need to take to achieve lasting enlightenment. A conquering of self and death of the ego.

Many people believe that this kind of existence cannot occur in our current physical form. Ignorantly believing that this kind of connection. (A bridging of the physical and non-physical, man and the divine) is simply too far out of the spectrum of reality.

But if we consider the universe multi-dimensional with layers upon layers of energy and frequency vibrations. Then it isn’t so hard to see or believe that we are not alone. We are never alone, and some beings reside with us, just beyond the viewable spectrum of our physical eyes.

When we raise our vibration, we expand our awareness. Effectively becoming the cosmic consciousness of man incarnated. Leading to the greater understanding that there are worlds upon worlds overlapping our own existence at all times.

It is time for us to bring heaven here to earth and achieve the liberation of mankind. A life where our thoughts fluidly create our reality– becoming the true creators we were meant to be.

This article The True Meaning of Ascension was originally published here at August 2015.

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