Twin Flames Separation: The Runner and The Chaser

So, you lost your twin flame. Sounds familiar. Twin flames are a risky business. Whether you were the one who ran or you are the one who is chasing. Guaranteed right now, you are feeling lost, confused and completely heartbroken.

You may also wonder how it is possible that someone else could hurt you so deeply. Before you knew it, you were up to your neck with this person. This energy, this wave that overcame you and knocked you off your feet.Know that you are not alone. Many others are going through the same experience right now, and on the other hand, others will never understand your current situation. That is because unless you’ve been through it, you just won’t understand.

As someone who has gone through this, I have nothing but experience to share and, upon reflection, knowledge to give to others. You may find throughout your quest in seeking understanding many websites or books those who call themselves “twin flames life coaches” and other nonsense. But anyone charging a dollar for their services is a surefire way to know that you’ve just found “a fake guru or spiritual teacher. “ Anyone who cares about you isn’t going to charge a dime for their advice. 

Would your friends charge you to talk things out? No.

In this article, we will reflect upon the Runner and Chaser phase of a twin flame separation. Assuming at this point you have met with your twin, experienced the bubble love phase, and now the bubble has burst, leaving you completely destroyed inside. There are many symptoms following a twin flame separation, which are unlike normal breakups. 


These symptoms can include severe insomnia, unexplained pain in the heart or chest, irrational thoughts leading to psychosis, and unpredictable and obsessive behaviour. Quite literally, you feel as if you have lost your mind. The pain cuts so deep that it feels impossible to embrace it and heal because the separation is too much for you to swallow. A twin flame separation can quite literally bring you to your knees, and in fact, that is the purpose of it. To surrender, surrender to your pain, your suffering, and yourself.


Immediately after the separation, it is easy to identify with either role. If your twin walked away first, you associate yourself with being the chaser, and if you walked away, you associate yourself as the runner. The chaser will continue to chase, and the runner continues to run as this mirrored push-pull continues. The chaser will not give up looking for new angles to try to kindle the flames. But eventually, gives up and surrenders. 

The ego takes hold as he or she realizes the irrational behaviour. Upon this surrender, the chaser will soon find that he was not the chaser. But the runner. Confused?


You see, twin flames are a mirror image of each other. Your twin flame is you. In chasing the external, you are chasing the attachment. You are chasing what you believe love should be. You are chasing the fairy tale you have built up in your head and trying to grasp what cannot be held. Like holding water in your hands, love can only flow through; it cannot be held. So in all of the chasing, you finally see that you were running away from yourself. When you chase your twin, you run from yourself, so quite literally, you are running from yourself… and running from your twin. 

So now that we’ve identified the fact that both the runner and chaser are, in fact running from themselves… and as we know your twin flame is you. Now we understand that there is no possible way to be together for as long as you are both running. What to do? Let go. When we remove all emotion, all judgment, and all expectations, only love is left. Love is found in the stillness of the soul. Love is without action, attachment or need. Love is the subtle energy that flows through all of creation. Love transcends your being into ascension. Love is the harmony and the music of the universe; love is all there is.

Within this stillness, you will find a knowing that you are just a vessel, and the vessel is the illusion. The one love is the truth.

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