Law of Attraction: 3 Things You’re Not Being Told

Law of Attraction: 3 Things You're Not Being Told

In the words of Alan Watts, “There are only two kinds of people, those who believe that they are a victim of the world and those who understand that they are the world.” 

Most people are unaware of how powerful they indeed are, and even if they’re aware of the concept, they haven’t a clue on where to start or how to create the life they deserve.

Too often, we get stuck in repetitive thought patterns, a cycle of negativity hardwired into our brains. Manifesting the idea that everything in the world is happening to us, rather than creating a world where everything happens for us.

Take miracles, for example.

It is easy to believe that when a miraculous or unexplained event occurs that it is nothing more than a random act. This is because we are wired to respond to the external. Giving our power away, we react to an event as an external happening rather than taking responsibility for our creative manifestation.

In a study conducted by Richard Davidson, a world-renowned Neuroscientist from the University of Wisconsin. His research found that our thoughts consistently have a direct impact on our everyday situations, as we manifest the ideas we choose to visualize and hold our attention on. 

His research affirms the long known spiritual philosophy that we are perpetual participants and co-creators of our everyday reality.

Davidson collaborated with Tibet’s Dalai Lama, who provided eight Buddhist monks (some of his most accomplished meditators) to take part in EEG and fMRI brain scanning.

Throughout the testing, each monk was asked to concentrate on a specific subject, such as compassion, joy or happiness. The results were more than the scientists could ever imagine; confirming, that depending upon where you focus your attention, you will physically change the existence, the direction and the behaviour of the subatomic particles in our brain.

The EEG’s recorded extremely powerful gamma waves in the frontal lobe (the prefrontal cortex), leaving the scientists bewildered and amazed. Do our thoughts truly create our reality? Dr. Joe Dispenza thinks so, and he notes that the monks in the study were highly accomplished with a staggering 40,000 hours of focused meditation, concentrating on single-minded thought. 

“These monks had been meditating for 40 yearsEach had mastered what has been dubbed as the art of observation or what science refers to simply as paying attention!”

Why is this so important?

You see, the average human being loses their attention span 6-10 times per minute, and when we lack the skills of concentration, subatomic particles don’t pay attention to our minds.

So mainly, the longer your attention span and focus, the more you increase your manifestation ability. All in all, to make the law of attraction work for us, we need to understand how our mind and body relate to each other and what exactly it is we need to do, so our thoughts can become the reality we choose. Here are the Doctor’s orders:

1. Start Making New Connections (Law of Attraction)

We make new connections in our brains by knowledge gained through information, philosophy, and study. Each time we engage in learning, we create a new neurological connection. The memory sustains the connection, and by repetition, the neurons maintain the relationship.

The law of attraction then works this same way. If every day, for two weeks, you spent two hours in meditation, focusing on a single-minded thought. For example, the best version of yourself or the happiest you could imagine yourself to be, you would then train your brain and wire it into memory.

By rehearsing this ultimate version of yourself, the brain will then register these thoughts, and the frontal lobe will capture it. Logging it into your memory bank, thereby projecting the person you are to become in the future.

2. Rewire Your Brain (Law of Attraction)

At every moment, the five senses are picking up information and sending a rush of data back to the brain through the five pathways. The neurons in the brain then fire up the neurotransmitters, which give us emotions and feelings based on these five pathways of information.

It is proven that every time you have a thought, either positive or negative, your brain produces chemicals. Those chemicals create a reaction within your body. Because feelings and emotions are the end product of any experience, real or imagined; when we aren’t experiencing any new thought, we continue to feel the same way.

The longer you hold on to a thought, the more you maintain the probability of its future manifestation. If you are holding on to negative thought forms, you can break these thought-forms by introducing new and positive thoughts. These thoughts will change the chemistry of your body.

Although, like any addiction, the body doesn’t like the offset and sends a signal to the brain. This is why it is so hard to break negative thought patterns.

So it is through our thinking that we can change the chemistry in our bodies. This allows us to break these emotional addictions and free ourselves from repeating the same negative cycles.

3. Ensure Your Body is Serving Your Mind (Law of Attraction)

We exist in a society where the mind is the servant to the body. As a result, we live out our genetic destiny where nothing new will ever happen.

To manifest our reality, we need to rewire our automatic programming so that our bodies become servants for our minds.

For example, “when you are feeling insecure, you start to think the way you are feeling. Then, you begin to feel the way you think and feeling becomes the means of thinking. When this occurs, the mind becomes immersed in the body, and you begin thinking as a body and not as a mind; it becomes your state of being.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this situation, you can’t think of anything other than the way you feel. When you are feeling bad, you are thinking bad. When we can break this loop of thinking and feeling. We can then start thinking like a mind becoming a conscious being and elevate ourselves into becoming the creators of our own life.

In conclusion, when you change your thoughts, you WILL change your life.

This article 3 Things You’re Not Being Told About The Law of Attraction was initially published on in October 2015. This article has been acquired by and is the property of The Free Spirit Journal written by LJ Vanier.

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