Mind over Matter: A Strategy For Success

by freespirit
Mind Over Matter: A Strategy For Success

Ever feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place? In the picture above, tell me which one is the rock and which one is the hard place? This article will teach you how to exact mind over matter with one simple trick.

The mind

The mind is a powerful tool and can be used to achieve success in all aspects of our lives. When we face obstacles, we must remember our personal power. Being conscious of your thoughts is essential as your energy is projected into each thought you have. When you focus on negative situations and their potential outcomes, you create unhappiness, and your energy becomes drained.

When you put more of your energy into the positive, you can use the power of your mind to overcome any challenge that comes your way. It can be difficult to do this sometimes, but you can achieve anything you set your mind to with practice.

Extreme Examples:

The Matrix

Now, I know it’s an older movie now, but I love using The Matrix in my examples, so here we go again:

Neo was born into a world of matter, where the mind is secondary to the physical world around us. As he began to awaken to his true power, he realized that he could bend matter at will. With this knowledge, he could shape and create his own reality. In doing so, he restored his true power and became the master of his own destiny.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is a powerful superhero who uses his mind to control matter. He was in a horrific car crash where he lost the use of his hands, but he turned to the mystic arts and learned how to control matter with his mind.

So how can we accomplish mind over matter as an ordinary average person?

While maybe, we can’t bend matter at will or make the pencil bend in half, what we can control is this.

All matter is energy, and all energy is mind. The mind is the creator of all things. When you change your mind, you change your reality.

How do you change your reality?

By using your imagination! Imagination is the power of mind over matter. When you imagine something, you are putting your mind in control of matter. You are visualizing a reality that makes you happy and fulfilled, and by doing that you are telling matter what to do. And it will obey!

When you imagine, you are creating goals for yourself for the future and as wild or as simple as they may be: Each thought you have or image you conjure depicts your future and what you’re looking to achieve. You begin consciously creating your life!

Maybe one day, humanity will be able to bend the pencil, restore our true power over solid matter and wield it to bend, shape or recreate it into whatever we wish. But for now, let’s get in the driver’s seat of our own minds and be creative about our life. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Because anything is possible.

So which is the rock, and which is the hard place? The answer is neither. Only your thoughts about it.

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