9 Powerful Ways to Expand Your Consciousness

by freespirit

Expanding your consciousness, really just means becoming more self-aware. By being more in tune with your thoughts, feelings and emotions you can expand your perception of reality.

Raising your consciousness involves stretching your mind beyond your comfort zone to enter into a deeper sense of understanding. Seeing first-hand that we are all connected and we are all one. From an atom to a galaxy, everything is connected.


The first thing you need to do if you want to raise your consciousness is to cultivate mindfulness What mindfulness means simply put is living in the present moment.

If you are not mindful of you are more likely to fall a victim to your own emotions and thought processes as you get “worked up” either dwelling in the past or dreaming about the future.

Each and every time you need to catch yourself and bring your consciousness back to the present moment. Bring your attention to what is going on around you and get back in the moment. This may take some time but with practice, you will effectively “train your brain” to stay present.


The absolute best tool for cultivating mindfulness is meditation because when you meditate, you develop a deep mind-body connection. This connection allows you to tune into your thoughts and emotions and helps you to be more aware as you then become the observer of them.

9 Powerful Ways to Expand Your ConsciousnessMeditation offers you a window of serenity where you can tune out the external and return to your internal. The more you practice meditation you learn how to simply be in emptiness, a nothingness, I am presence.

It is as if you have effectively taken your consciousness back to when you were a baby being simply aware of your thoughts and not knowing or differentiating between the noise you hear off in the background or the thought in your head.

There is no difference, both have just simply happened. Once you learn how to meditate you will witness the peace and joy that comes from it. There is truly nothing better.


External sources such as news, television, radio etc have a strong influence on our consciousness and you will be surprised when you tune out and then tune back in the influence these broadcasters have.

The media is known to deliver us constant negative pictures because that is what gains the most attention; that’s what sells. Living in a state of fear is the number one conscious expansion buster. By being mindful you can empower yourself and effectively remove these mind manipulation tactics and free yourself to be in control of your own emotions. s of information.


9 Powerful Ways to Expand Your ConsciousnessIt’s easy to fall back into negative patterns and conditioned thought behaviours that stop us from loving freely. Our ego is one to wrestle here. But we need to let go of our preconceived notions of right and wrong and the need to feel “validated”. By learning to love others freely we, in turn, are loving ourselves. Life is like looking into a mirror and every person, every teacher, is you.

Love your teachers, they bring hard lessons and great development. Simply by existing in this state, we make a huge step in clearing negative energy blockages and increase our ability to connect with others more deeply.


By giving we are receiving. the more we give the more we receive. I am a firm believer that you cannot give unselfishly because while you may not realize it on some level you are getting something out of it. Whether it just be that nice warm feeling that you have done something good, you are always receiving when you give. And that’s the beauty of giving! It is always a win-win and nothing can beat it!


Compassion is the absolute most essential part of increasing your consciousness and I believe that compassion and righteousness go hand in hand. Righteousness is not about doing what you think is right, righteousness is having compassion no matter what you think is right.

This can be difficult especially if you are not practicing mindfulness. But with a detachment to your own personal emotions, you are then able to effectively practice compassion for others because you are able to see clearly the state of someone else.

You are then able to give compassion and comfort when others need it. It is as if you have upgraded yourself, and now are in a position to serve others. Always strive to be charitable and caring, attune yourself to the needs of others and you’ll be sure to raise your consciousness in the process.


Life is a blessing. While we may not always view it this way, it truly is. There is nowhere else that we can experience the ups and downs, the sadness and the joy and we need to actively remind ourselves of this.

Make it a daily habit to show gratitude for everything you have. No matter your personal situation, there is always someone else who may have it worse. Take a few minutes each morning and each evening to say thanks for everything you have in your life. n your life.

A great practice is writing down each day 5 things you are grateful for. The first thing you will notice after a few days of practice will be your increase in mood.  The more you are thankful for the things you have, the more open you are to receive the new.


If you are going to expand your consciousness, you need to understand that everything is connected. We often neglect this simple truth and take nature’s beauty for granted. Simple little things like the blossoming buds of spring, birds singing their songs, or the stars in the sky. Reconnect with the world around you. People don’t just stare at the stars for nothing!


Raising your consciousness becomes a lot easier when you can share your trials and errors with others. Find a spiritual guru or teacher to help you on your path. There is an abundance of resources online just like this one, dedicated to helping you along your spiritual path of awakening and expanded consciousness.

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