Big Moments, Big Decisions

Big Moments, Big Decisions

As we all know, life is about choices and knowing how to discern between what is right and what is familiar is a critical one. Because we don’t all have a magic crystal ball to see into the future and we don’t always see things as they are, only what they appear to be, learning to discern is of utmost importance.

Sensing a familiarity with someone, something or a situation can be detrimental, and can cause the most pain and suffering, if you are not aware. Gathering all of the facts you can before making a decision is wise.

But, choosing to trust, when we don’t see the consequences of our choices is sometimes inevitable. Yet, how do we discern what is a healthy choice, when what is familiar can be what will cause you the most pain? Choosing correctly is no easy feat.

How to Discern when it matters most.

I live by one simple truth, and it has always guided me on the right path with my best foot forward. Yes, my path as well as many others has been very difficult, it is filled with heart aches, and heart breaks, unbearable loss and suffering. The reality is it’s been more than I’ve have been able to stomach. Yet through all of this, I have chosen to remain true. Because it is also a choice. Some say, that right and wrong are gradient scales. That there is no absolute rightness and I will say right now, as I have said many times before, I intend to live as close to that rightness and truth as I possibly can.

These are the words I live by:

I don’t always make the best choices, but today, I choose compassion over intolerance, empathy over hatred and love over fear. I choose to take courage in the stand against our enemies, I choose to be brave when all hope appears to be lost. I live in the truth of the moment and show mercy even for those who don’t deserve it. I choose live in the most rightness that I possible can. I believe in staying true to who I am, no matter the consequence.

This truth no matter how it can break your heart, tear you to pieces and stomp out your fire, will always bring you back to life.

LJ Vanier

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