How to Tie a Bow Tie Quick and Easy

How to Tie a Bow Tie Quick and Easy

If you think that tying a bow tie is difficult, then you haven’t seen this. These quick and easy steps will turn you into a master of the bow in no time flat. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!

Step 1. Drape the bow around your neck, ensuring one end is longer than the other.

Step 2. Cross the long end over top of the short end and then bring it under and through the hole. Pull it tight.

Step 3. Drape the long end over your shoulder. Bring the short end in towards the shirt and fold, keeping it centred with your neck creating a bow-tie shape.

Step 4. Hold the center of the bow firmly with your index finger and take hold of the long end and bring it down over the top.

Step 5. Remove your index finger and fold both sides of the tie together to reveal the diamond-shaped hole formed behind the bow.

Step 6. Keeping your fold on the front. With your other hand, take the end that is hanging down and fold it and put it through the hole.

Step 7. Starting to look like a bow-tie? Let’s clean it up a bit and make it perfect. Find the folded ends and begin pulling to tighten, alternating left and right. Continue until you are satisfied with the look.

It’s ok if you didn’t master it the first time, a little practice makes perfect, and soon enough …Voila! Perfection!

A well-tied bow tie should be slightly off in symmetry, but not too noticeable in the size of each side.

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