How to Tie a Tie Quick and Easy

How to Tie a Tie

There are four methods of tying that every man and woman should know. This quick tutorial and video will show you the easiest and most popular method on how to tie a tie (four in hand knot).

Step 1. Place the tie around your neck under your shirt collar.

Step 2. Take the wide end in your right hand and the narrow end in your left hand ensuring the wide end of the tie is twice as long as the narrow end.

Step 3. Take the wide end and wrap it around the narrow end (twice) so the wide end is now in the front.

Step 4. Take the wide end and push it up through the loop by your neck while holding the narrow bottom end.

Step 5. Next, push the wide end of the tie through the new knot at the bottom. Keep it straight when pushing through. Adjust as necessary.

Step 6. Pull the narrow end down, making the knot tight with your neck.

Straighten and fold the collar and voila! The quick and easy Four in hand Knot.

Looking for a challenge? Try the Half Windsor Knot. Check out this easy tutorial video for complete instructions.

This tutorial was originally published at Thanks to Reef Knots and Math Meeting for posting these awesome tutorial videos.

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