Quantum Theory and The Power of Thought

by freespirit

Quantum mechanics is increasingly providing us more and more details about how various things interact in our universe. In a recent, breakthrough study conducted at the Weizmann Institute of Science, researchers were able to record how an electron beam is affected by the act of being observed. They concluded that the stronger the observation the more the effect is translated to the beam.

This research was done to prove one of the most bizarre theories in quantum mechanics that states that the observer has control on the reality he or she perceives. In the light of this statement, it could be deduced that we, as observers, can change the way things happen.

There are many ramifications of this study, mostly philosophical. One of the chief questions it brings forward is that do we create our own reality? Our brain creates a reality from perception of our memories, of stimuli that influence our desires and hopes, therefore, is our brain the source behind the reality we see? Those in favour of this approach believe that a recurring stimulus that remains entrenched in our mind due to a highly impactful cause such as an accident, loss, pain or disappointment forever features in how we perceive reality later in our lives. Therefore such a stimulus indirectly morphs the images we see into what we want to see.

Additionally, many times we confuse our memories with our dreams, because, wishing to transform our reality allows us to begin to create change in our lives and therefore in our thoughts, making us change our attitudes, habits and routines in order to achieve that goal with which we can create our own reality for ourselves.

Similarly, sometimes our emotions control our thoughts. This is especially so when we are under the influence of chemicals (drugs, alcohol, and sexual arousal) which generate strong emotions that can consequently make us do things that can alter the course of our reality.

In conclusion, quantum physics is the physics of possibilities, a way of describing the world. Its field of action is the elementary particle, which unfold in mysterious ways for ordinary perception; beyond the laws of physical objects and leading to different interpretations. Therefore the laws of quantum mechanics are as much linked with actual science as with philosophy. They make your reflect on what you are, why you are, where you are and how you are.

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