Sometimes We’re Tested not to Expose our Weaknesses but to Discover Our Strengths

by freespirit
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I definitely agree with this sentiment. I think that often times when we are faced with difficult challenges. It can be easy to focus on our weaknesses and all of the ways that we might fail. However, if we can step back and see these challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. Then we can come out of them stronger than ever before.

You never know what you’re capable of until you try.

There is a subtle strength that lies within us all. A higher consciousness never gives up, no matter how great the challenge is. This strength is always available to us, but we have to learn to trust it and use it.

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When we are tested in life, it is often difficult to see past the challenges and difficulties. But if we can remember that these tests are designed to help us discover our hidden strengths, then we can approach them with a different attitude.

When we are put to the test, We can feel exposed, and it can be difficult to remain strong. Especially when we’re being tested in areas where we feel vulnerable or weak. But what if, instead of being tested to unveil our weaknesses, we were instead tested to discover our strengths? This is a different perspective of testing and one that can lead us to great things.

The next time you are faced with a challenge, remember that you might be being tested for your strengths and stay strong! You are capable of things you never thought possible. Trust in your strength and you’ll be able to overcome anything.

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