Confessions Of A Wounded Soul

Sorrow and the struggle, reaching up for light.

Light to grow, light to lead, light.

Fight and fight oh I fight, and in the end never knowing what is right and right. Collapses my bones, shreds of darkness with my plight. Will it be now? or will it be tonight?

Harmony oh harmony! where are you now my dear?! The night is now at hand won’t you whisper in my ear? The songs of a thousand…

Cluttering, clashing sounds so near. The night is now upon me, I see it oh so clear.

Whispering pines on whispering winds, won’t you save me now!

Oh my dear, oh my dear, I love you still my dear.

Look around don’t you see? We never went away, we’re with you now and always in the sand and in the clay…

The night will break and the sun will shine, and together this will all be yours and mine.

I love you now, I love you always, even when you couldn’t love yourself.

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