10 Simple Changes Around the House That Save Me $600 a Month

by freespirit
save $250.00 per month

In today’s economy, finding ways to stretch a dollar without sacrificing quality of life is more important than ever. Like many of you, I sought ways to cut back on expenses without dramatically altering my lifestyle. To my surprise, I discovered that minor adjustments around the house could lead to significant savings. Here are ten simple changes that save me around $600 each month:

1. Switching to LED Bulbs

  • Savings: Approximately $30 per month
  • Why It Works: LED bulbs consume up to 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Though the upfront cost is higher, the long-term savings on electricity bills and replacement costs are substantial.
  • Extra Tip: Use natural lighting whenever possible to reduce dependency on artificial lighting during the day.

2. Installing a Programmable Thermostat

  • Savings: Up to $50 per month
  • Why It Works: Heating and cooling account for a significant portion of household energy use. A programmable thermostat helps maintain an energy-efficient temperature setting when you’re asleep or away from home, preventing unnecessary energy use.
  • Extra Tip: Setting your thermostat to adjust by even a few degrees when you’re not home can lead to noticeable savings.

3. Adopting Water-Saving Techniques

  • Savings: Roughly $40 per month
  • Why It Works: Simple changes such as fixing leaks, installing low-flow showerheads, and using a water-efficient toilet can drastically reduce your water bill. Also, being mindful of water use (like turning off the tap while brushing teeth) can contribute to savings.
  • Extra Tip: Collect rainwater for outdoor watering needs to save even more on your water bill.

4. Meal Planning and Reducing Food Waste

  • Savings: About $80 per month
  • Why It Works: Buying groceries with a plan in mind reduces impulse buys and ensures everything you purchase gets used. Planning meals also cuts down on the frequency of eating out or ordering in, which can quickly add up.
  • Extra Tip: Freeze leftovers or ingredients that are close to expiring to extend their life and reduce waste.

5. Cutting the Cable Cord

  • Savings: Around $50 per month
  • Why It Works: With the rise of streaming services, paying for expensive cable packages with channels you don’t watch doesn’t make much financial sense. Opting for one or two streaming services that meet your entertainment needs can drastically cut down your monthly expenditures.
  • Extra Tip: Take advantage of free trials for streaming services to determine which ones best suit your viewing habits before committing.

6. Use it or lose it. Selling unused items.

  • Savings: $50.00 (Varies)
  • Why It Works: Selling unused items not only declutters your living space but can also bring in extra cash to put towards savings or paying off debt.
  • Extra Tip: Consider selling items through online platforms or local marketplaces for a wider reach and potential higher earnings. Additionally, be sure to price items competitively and accurately describe their condition for successful sales. 2. Try DIY projects or repairs instead of hiring professionals.

7. Coupons

(You know those coupons that come in the mail that you would normally just throw in the recycling? This is what I saved per month when I started using them.)

  • Savings: $50.00
  • Why It Works: Coupons can add up to significant savings over time, especially if you use them for items you regularly purchase. Taking a few minutes to go through the mail or check online for coupons can result in noticeable savings on your monthly expenses.
  • Extra Tip: Consider signing up for loyalty programs at your favorite stores to receive exclusive discounts and coupons

8. Buy Generic

  • Savings: $25.00 (Varies)
  • Why It Works: Generic or store-brand products are often just as good as name brands, but at a lower cost. This applies to groceries, household items, and even clothing.
  • Extra Tip: Check the ingredient list on generic products to ensure they are comparable to the name brand version and save money without sacrificing quality.

9. Utilize public transportation, carpooling or ride a bike.

  • Savings: $200.00
  • Why It Works: Public transportation or carpooling can save money on gas, parking fees, and wear and tear on your vehicle. Plus, it’s better for the environment!
  • Extra Tip: Look into discounted passes or commuter benefits offered by employers for even more savings.

10. Growing fruits and vegetables at home can save money on groceries.

  • Savings: $50.00 (Varies)
  • Why It Works: Growing your own produce can significantly reduce your grocery bill, especially if you have a large family or consume a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Extra Tip: Consider growing herbs as well, which can be expensive to buy but are easy to grow at home. You can also freeze any excess produce for future.

These changes have made a noticeable difference in my monthly spending and have the added benefits of making my home more eco-friendly. It’s empowering to know that with a few tweaks to your daily habits, you can significantly reduce your monthly expenses. Give these tips a try and see how much you could save!

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