Are you a Wild Woman? 17 Signs That You Might Be…

by freespirit
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If you have ever felt like you didn’t fit into society’s mould or that you were something different than what was considered “normal,” chances are you have a strong connection to the Wild Woman archetype.

The archetype represents our primal, instinctual selves. It is the part of us that is in touch with nature and our natural tendencies. The Wild Woman is often seen as being chaotic and wild, but she is also incredibly powerful, passionate, and free.

      • She is the woman who runs with wolves.

      • She is unapologetically herself.

      • She is a force to be reckoned with.

    And she is you.

    The wild woman is an archetype that has been present in all cultures throughout history. She is the goddess, the witch, the crone, the seductress. She is both feared and revered.

    The wild woman is not something that you can become. She is not something that you can put on or take off like a mask. She is not something that you can fake. The wild woman is something that you already are. She is your true nature.


    What does it mean to be a wild woman?

    To me, it means being in touch with my primal nature, living life on my own terms, and embracing my untamed spirit. It means listening to my intuition and following my heart, even when it leads me into uncharted territory.

    The wild woman is about being in touch with your primal, untamed self; it’s about being confident and fearless, and living life on your own terms. The wild woman is about embracing your femininity and sexuality and owning your power. It’s about being wild and free and travelling wherever the wind takes you. It’s about being authentically you, unapologetically.

    It means being unafraid to speak my truth, even when my voice shakes and having the courage to be myself, even when it means standing out from the crowd; being free – free to be who I am, free to express myself, free to follow my dreams. Being a wild woman is about living life with passion and purpose and making my own unique mark on the world. It’s about being bold and fearless and embracing all that is wild and wonderful about me. And it’s about trusting that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be – right here, right now, in this moment.

    So how do you know if you are a wild woman? Here are 17 signs…

    Wild Woman

    1. You feel most alive when you are outside in nature.

    2. You have a deep connection to the moon and the tides.

    3. You are highly intuitive and in tune with energy and emotions.

    4. You feel both deeply spiritual and deeply sexual.

    5. You have a strong sense of intuition about people and situations and can often see things that others cannot.

    6. You are fiercely independent and capable of taking care of yourself…

    7..You are unafraid to speak your truth, even if it means rocking the boat…

    8. You are comfortable in your own skin and at home in your own body…

    9..You have a deep understanding of both the light and dark aspects of life…

    10. You are comfortable with uncertainty and change…

    11..You know that there is more to life than what meets the eye..

    12. You have been told you are “too much” or “too intense”

    13 You have a deep love for animals.

    14. You feel called to protect the earth and its creatures.

    15. You possess great strength, power, and wisdom.

    16 You listen to your gut instinct above all else

    17. You have trouble being confined to one place or one way of living.

    Are you a wild woman?

    If so, embrace it! Let yourself run free – howl at the moon, dance in the rain, bare your teeth when necessary, speak your truth, be unafraid to be yourself…and most importantly, never let anyone tame you! We need more wild women in this world – it’s time to let her loose!

    Your true nature waiting to be unleashed...

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