Free Spirit Signs: 7 Signs You’re a Free Spirit Wild & Free

free spirit signs

What is a free spirit; what are the signs of a free spirit?

“We are free spirits; our hair is messy, our spirits untamed. ..We are fierce in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire. We are calm like the sea on a hot summer day and ferocious like a hurricane on a mountain plain. “

Noone, and nothing will hold us back. We are always up for an adventure, and we live our lives to the fullest, and then again, sometimes, we don’t. Ha! But we’re not flakes like some stereotypes say, and if you want to roll with us, you’d better keep up and don’t hold back, not even for a second.

Here are 7 Signs of a Real Free Spirit.

  1. They are independent and unique and crave time in nature.
  2. They are intuitive and have a deep connection to their own inner voice.
  3. They are rebels with a cause who questions the status quo.
  4. They live with intention; they are passionate and purposeful.
  5. A free spirit lives and breathes compassion for all living things.
  6. Free spirits are connected to the universe and its flow and know the rhythm and language of the cosmos.
  7. A free-spirit person is not afraid to let their true self shine.

Free spirits listen to their intuition and let it guide them; they march to the beat of their drum and dance to the rhythm of their hearts.

A Free Spirit is Bold, Free and Truthful

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If you identify with some or all of these signs or qualities, you might just be one yourself! So, embrace your inner rebel, the free spirit within you and let your true self shine through.

Do you consider yourself to be a free spirit? If so, you know the importance of living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. There’s no need to rush through life – take your time and savour all it offers. Be open to new experiences and explore new things. Embrace your individuality and freedom. Follow your heart and intuition, and let them lead the way.

“Like the ocean, we are fluid and ever-changing. Like a hurricane on land or waves at sea – our power knows no bounds until it crashes against something solid. Another woman who ignites passion in all of us as she does for herself; this wilder side that dwells deep within each one of us, waiting to be let out.

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One reply on “Free Spirit Signs: 7 Signs You’re a Free Spirit Wild & Free”
  1. says: Breeze

    I ride the waves of your own seas & lose sight of the shore. I’ve discarded the rules, labels & chains that once bound me. I’ve been left behind to learn my own way to fly. My solitude graces the skies with wings of freedom & with a destiny born of soul fire. I’, a rare earthly being that walks a path that’s less traveled. I embrace adventures with a purpose & passion. I’m a rebel, I don’t conform, back down or step aside. I wasn’t born to fit in but to gloriously stand out. I live on the edges of the infinite. I’m an awakened one who’s a little rough around the edges & loves the risks. I walk to my own beat & open to all possibilities that looms on the horizon. I dare to love & to live. I’m the wild one that moves between the shadows & runs naked in the streams. I read the compass written on the walls of my heart & I follow the north star that’s etched upon my spirit. I’ve fallen, been broken & shattered, I know that to be cracked is to let more light in. The best fruit is on the very end of the branch & not the low hanging fruit. The brightest jewels are hidden within the roughest surfaces. All of this is me, rare one

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