12 Things Your Soul Wants You To Remember


You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body”– C.S Lewis

Although it may feel like it, your soul is not separate from you. In truth, your soul is your true existence. We are simply shadows of all that we are, and so it’s easy to forget who we are, where we come from and all that we can be. Sometimes we need just a little reminder.

1. You are Exactly Where You are Supposed to Be.

No matter the circumstance, no matter the ride that got you to where you are in this very present moment. The choices, the outcomes, the paths you could have taken and didn’t. Your soul wants you to know that everything happens for a reason, and nothing happens by chance. Have faith, it will all work out.

2. Everything is Temporary.

Nothing lasts forever, the good the bad and the ugly, nothing is permanent. So be impermanent. Be like water and flow with the ups and downs of life.

3. Everything You Need is Already Within You.

Know yourself, sit with yourself and understand yourself. Everything you need, your strength, courage, compassion and love, all exists within. You have the choice as to which you need to find and bring out into the world.

4. You’re OK Just as You Are.

The main goal of life is to not force change upon yourself or undergo a significant transformation. It is to be at peace with who you are at any given moment “despite what you have done or not done; said or not said.”- Katrina Cavanough. Transformation is a choice we all have, but it is not to be forced due to under satisfaction. Real change comes first with acceptance.

5. Self Worth is Measured by You and Only You.

If you always seek outside yourself for approval and validation, you will never be happy. We are all different, and we all perceive things in different ways. Your status is not really in your hands, so stop trying to please everyone around you and start doing what makes you happy.

6. When Times Get Tough, Change Your Perspective.

All emotions of worry, strife, guilt, regret and sadness come from not living in the present moment. It is only by experiencing the present moment to the fullest that we can shift our perspective and understand that life’s hiccups on a grand scale are minor.

7. Live in the Present.

Don’t dwell in the past or dream of the future. Find your passion and take action. The next moment in your life is not more important than this moment right now. Do today what you dream of later, and understand that your past actions were meant to occur so that you can learn and grow. So let them go, let them be and appreciate all that you have right now.

8. Release Your Fears.

There are only two truths in the entire universe, the first is love, and the second is fear. To dwell in a state of true and pure love, the essence of existence and life itself, one must not carry fear.“Fear knocked, love answered, and no one was there.”– Unknown

9. Release Your Need for Control.

Holding on to the fallacy that you can have control over the outcomes of life is an illusion that you have created for yourself. We do not know what the future will bring, and we cannot perceive to understand the consequences of each action and reaction; therefore we must love without attachment, live without expectation and observe without judgement.

10. Remember Where You Come From.

When you know the beginning, you will see the end. When we understand that our consciousness is eternal, we realize that we are in fact, energy.
A soul, a consciousness that is always evolving, learning and growing. With each incarnation comes new lessons, and new experiences. We come from energy and to energy we will return.

11. Accept.

By placing your disposition into a state of acceptance, acceptance of all that is good and bad. You release your need for control, you release your fears, and you release your expectations so that you can live in the present moment.

Without acceptance, nothing can flourish. This is sincere prayer, not asking for what you want, the desires of your heart, but accepting all of life’s blessings and giving gratitude for everything in return. A cycle of love that continues growing.

12. You are never alone.

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. -W.B Yents

It is said that Albert Einstein believed that there was indeed an alternate reality or another world, beyond our own vision. As the physical eyes were only capable of viewing the 3D spectrum in a limited amount of colours.

What is beyond the veil of our physicality is energy. Immense energy, sometimes you can feel it; other times you may pick up slight irregularities. We are never truly alone. You are always surrounded by the unseen, and if and when you choose to call out, trust me, you might just be surprised with an answer.

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