14 Habits of Unhappy People (And How to Avoid Them)

by freespirit

Not everybody has a flawless and glad life. Individuals are isolated into two unique gatherings; one gathering is called happy gathering. They appreciate each second of their lives, they don’t fake grins. They are glad yet it doesn’t mean their life is great. Indeed, the other gathering is called unhappy gathering. This gathering may look glad and they may fake grin before the world however they are not happy with their lives. They are not upbeat. So how might you recognize unhappy individuals? By their habits. Below are given habits of unhappy people.  

  1. Complain: One most common habit of an unhappy person is he always complains. He might complain about everything, his surroundings, his life, his problems etc. Once he encounters any problem, despite of focusing on the solution he would start complaining about it. Have you ever had a friend who complains a lot? 
  2. Temporary happiness: Their happiness is temporary. This means, once they might get or purchase a product or anything like car, house etc. of their choice they become happy. And when it vanishes they become unhappy again. 
  3. Not improving: Since they are always busy in complaining things so they don’t have time to improve their selves and chase their dreams.
  4. Blind of Opportunity: They can’t see opportunity in a problem. Every problem has an opportunity contained in it but unhappy people start complaining about problem and don’t see opportunity in it and that is the reason they become losers for the whole life.  
  5. Waiting for a perfect time: They always wait for a perfect moment. They don’t make a moment perfect but they always wait for a perfect moment to arrive. and guess what? That moment never comes. 
  6. They don’t take Actions: They always talk about what they want, they never work to make it happen. They don’t take any serious action. They always talk and dream about a perfect and happy life. 
  7. Belief: They believe in magic. They think someday a magic will happen and it will turn their lives perfect, whereas a happy man always believes in himself, he works hard to pursue his dreams. 
  8. Dependent: unhappy people are always dependent on temporary things. For example, an unhappy people when in pain may drink alcohol believing that he might forget his pain and sorrow. They are dependent. 
  9. Addictions: Unhappy people are addicted of temporary things. They find happiness in temporary things and they are addicted of doing this. And when this temporary happiness vanishes, they are back on the track of complaining and they become unhappy. 
  10. Regretting: They always regret about their past. For example, if a person is not successful because he did not work hard enough in past then he will be regretting it in present not knowing that he is ruining his present too. 
  11. Fear: Their whole life is driven by fear. Fear plays their life. They would think thousands of times before taking any action and thinking too much results in taking no action at all. So, they pass their whole life imagining ghosts and worrying about pathway to future. 
  12. Being Critical: When they omit a mistake, they don’t simply forget it and move ahead. They will regret their whole life on one simple mistake.
  13. Worrying about future: As I mentioned earlier. Unhappy people are driven by their fears. They are afraid to lose, afraid to fail, afraid of everything so they don’t like to take risks and that’s the reason why they can’t see any opportunity. Since they are driven by their fears so they pass whole of their life worrying about pathway to future, this ruins their present too. 
  14. Not counting blessings: Unhappy people don’t count their blessings, they only complain about their problems. They are not thankful about what they have. 

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