How to Weave Your Way Out Of The Fabric Of Fear


A survival guide:

You can try to outrun it. You can try to rise above it. But eventually, it will catch you…

Fear will catch up with you and envelope your senses like black sackcloth or velvet on a warm summer day. Stifling your voice; wreaking havoc on your norm, beating you to the ground over and over until you cry out with all your will and might THAT”S ENOUGH!

Fear is clever, a deceiver of the righteous, fear is a liar. 

Fear utters monstrosities, atrocities, and all things that the soul cannot stomach in an attempt to drag you down, knock you to the ground and beat the spirit out of you. Fear seeks to destroy all of your creative and imaginative power, with thirst and a hungry desire to feed your soul its sour, spoiled rot.

Fear is debilitating, it drowns your every good intention, and it will not stop until there is nothing left but a state of panic, stress and anxiety and hopelessness.

Fear targets trust with precise aim, heavily armed and fervent; you are the bullseye it seeks to pierce and attain. It’s honed in on you with its devilish gaze, seeking to shatter and snuff out your light. Fear will target everything that brings you a sense of comfort in its delight.

If you don’t cap it off quickly it will manifest externally at a rapid rate, diminishing the trust you have for others, family, friends, your community, city, government, country and society as a whole. And if you choose to let it in…. your confidence becomes shaken as fear continues to spread its poison through every part of you until you are falling deeper and deeper in its muck. The wake of its destruction is accompanied by the sound of wretched laughter, and the heckling of hyenas as you collapse inwards and implode. 

As within so without.

Fear upsets the equilibrium and delicate balance within ourselves, which in turn disrupts the balance without. Meaning that everything first starts within in order for experienced reality in the material world to exist.  If you are shaken on the inside, so will you be on the out. If you are at peace on the inside so will the world manifest in the material realm.

Fear seeks to isolate, separate and effectively cut the energy and connectedness between each of us.  In turn, disrupting the existential and magnetic energy that naturally exists between all living things on a scale of minuscule and macular proportions.

As fear manifests externally it upsets the delicate balance of social relatedness as each member plays their role and does their part for the benefit of all. Trust, dependability, reliability, honesty, due diligence.

Quite simply we rely on each other; Human and non-human micro to macro.

When you are connected, the consciousness of all living things is connected in oneness. From the playful flutter of a butterflies wings or tickle of a tiny spider, the swaying of the trees and movement of the coral to the prancing of a doe, the leaping of a lion and the trumpet of the elephant. There is no denying this connectedness, like a pebble dropped into a pond creates a ripple through its entire body We are the ripple and the wave, the pebble and the pond. 

All systems of connectedness, lakes, oceans, forest, and ecosystems of the earth exist in balance and the entire collective is working in harmony for the benefit of all; the sum of its parts. Synergy in its most pure understanding.

So when the fabric of fear comes for you, and whispers RUN, its time to stand and fight! your battle has just begun. Gain a stronghold when the black attack is upon you. Root and root deep so that you may flourish once more, like a tree that has lost its nutrients of life and shoots its essence back to the soil.

As Autumn begets Spring and Winter begets Summer. Death and life anew, a quantum leap in time will be your strength and survival.

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