Are You a Free Spirit? 10 Signs of the Wild; Free

10 Signs You're a Free Spirit: Wild and Free

When I decided to write the signs that you’re a free spirit, I was a bit apprehensive. Hesitant, to say the least, because I find that a list of characteristics shouldn’t define a free-spirited person. None the less, there are a few character traits, qualities and personalities of a free spirit that we can’t deny. 

Here are 10 Signs You’re a Free Spirit: Wild and Free 

1. You’re Openminded.

Openminded, these words ring out with positivity. To be openminded throughout our journey in life is the most accepting position one can have. A way of being and living without any preconceived notions or judgements. Keeping positive and waiting for results. Appling understanding, wisdom and patience in life is what a free-spirited person is all about.

2. You practice non-attachment.

It takes courage to welcome change with open arms. Change is not always wanted, but it is necessary. We may love many things in life, but love belongs to no one.

Love is shared, love is the energy that exists in everything. Love is what restores our soul and gives us the strength to carry on. 

3. You live and breathe compassion.

What does compassion mean to you? 

To me, compassion is reaching down deep into my heart when someone has hurt me. Delving as deep as I can to push past the layers of my ego-self that are reacting in a thousand different ways. Breaking through to a more profound and more in-depth part of myself until finally, I pull out a violet flower of forgiveness. We are only human.

4. You embrace life as a journey.

There will be times you will feel like you have the world at your feet. And times you will have the world on your shoulders. Whatever befalls you, great or small, heavy or light. Remain kind.

5. You understand that everything happens for a reason.

We may not know the reason and maybe were not meant to know. But what can know for sure, is that it is through our most challenging, painstakingly awful times that we grow. We suffer, and then we learn. We fall, and we rise. 

6. You don’t hold anything back.

Some people may tell you that you need to think before you speak, and others will appreciate that you’re blunt, bold and you get right to the point. When you are a free spirit and you encompass all of the qualities on this list, you can be confident that your heart is in the right place, so why hold back? 

7. You genuinely care. 

Some may believe that when you care about others, it can entrap the spirit and zap your energy by absorbing the negativity of those around you.

When, in fact, by caring for others, it can have the opposite effect. You can understand the motivations and actions of your peers, reach a point of clarity and know that people are inherently good. We sometimes make poor choices.

When you care for everything and everyone, you can practice empathy at a very high level. You can put yourself in someone else’s shoes quite quickly, and that’s what being an empath is all about.

8. You are limitless.

There are no limits when it comes to the creative and active parts of your imagination. You understand that anything is possible, and know that “if you can dream it, you can achieve it. “

9. You’re a wild child.

Were you told no, a lot as a child? If so, you quickly made it your favourite word and turned back around on others who were more closed-minded. The constraints of the modern world would have felt like chains to you as you grew. As a result, you may have felt a greater need for the wide-open.

You have a profound moral understanding of right and wrong and fought against old rhetorics and dogmas that may have been racist, sexist or hateful. 

10. You refuse to be defined.

Defining a free-spirited person, thereby enslaves the spirit and impedes its ability to be free. Labels such as “a hippie, or flower child” don’t serve you, as you find them irritating and are spoken by the narrow-minded. 

A free spirit is you, and a free spirit is me. A free spirit is free!.

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