50 Incredible Ways to Live Without Regrets

by freespirit
a free spirit

With each chapter, you close in your life comes the end of an old and the beginning of a new. These chapters are what we call cycles. You can feel the shift coming if you are in tune with these cycles. They usually come in 7-year intervals, meaning that at age 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 (etc) you will have completed 6 cycles.

Each cycle ends with positive and negative attributes, hard lessons, and immense growth. Upon each end, you will notice the energies amping up. Everything around you may shift dramatically at the close of a volatile cycle or fizzle out smoothly, depending on which milestone you have accomplished.

Take a moment, look back on your life, try to remember the major events surrounding these age markers, and notice these major milestones. Can you see the pattern? Once you do, you can prepare yourself for the next transition.

Each cycle ends with a period of reflection. This is where the should have, could have and would have come up. And to ensure that you reach your final cycle with a clear conscience,

Here are 50 Ways to Live Life Without Regrets

50. Speak Your Mind

Your thoughts are important, don’t undervalue yourself.

49. Be Yourself

You can only be you, don’t become a second-rate version of someone else.

48. Be Bold

“What would you do if you knew for 100% certainty that you wouldn’t fail?”– Alan Watts

Do that.

47. Admit When You Are Wrong

Have the courage to admit when you are wrong. It will gain you respect and will allow you to become a strong leader.

46. Make Your Own Path

Don’t follow the trail; break free. Find your own path and leave footprints for someone else.

45. Find the Humour in life

Finding humour during the most serious of situations helps you to find non-attachment. The true nature of 
the universe is playful, not serious. Strive to find the lighter side of every dark situation.

44. Be thankful

True prayer is not asking for what we want, the desires of the heart, but accepting all of life’s blessing and showing gratitude for everything in return. A cycle of love that continues to grow.

43. Be Courageous

If you don’t take risks somewhere in life, you will not accomplish much of anything. The impossible can always be broken down into possibilities.

42. Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak. Be willing to express your feelings.

41. Be Honest

It is not just about being honest with others; it’s more about being honest with ourselves. If we aren’t being true to ourselves, we suffer. Always live true to your heart.

40. Think for Yourself

You have been told how others think things should be done throughout your life. The way they have been done and should still be done. But each of us thinks differently, uniquely, so be unique. How you view, the world is different from every other person on the planet. So think for yourself; your piece to the puzzle may just be the one that solves the riddle.

39. Find Your Passion

What is it that gets that fire burning in your heart? What makes you tick? Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and write down all of your interests since you were young. Favourite books, movies, sports, anything. Spend time alone and rediscover yourself, find what makes you tick and take action.

“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

38. Do What You Love

If money were no object, what would you like to do? How would you enjoy spending your life? If you think that getting money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time.

If you truly like what you do, eventually, you will master it, and at some point, you will make money from it.

Do what you love first, and the money will follow.

37. Face Your Fears

When you let fear interfere with your life, you end up sitting on the sidelines. The only way to overcome fear is to face it. When you face your fears, you realize that what your mind built up wasn’t anything close to the reality of the situation.

Take a breath, count to three and do it.

36. Accept and Embrace Yourself 

You find your innermost beliefs, values, ideas and emotions by exploring yourself. This gives us an understanding of how we carry ourselves in everyday life. You gain a better idea of understanding why you behave a certain way, and once you understand yourself, you can accept and embrace all aspects of your being. Embracing yourself means accepting your strengths and weaknesses, dark and light, yin and yang polarities.

Without acceptance, you can’t flourish.

35. Don’t Hold Onto Anger

When you hold anger, you will get burned. You may think that your anger to punish another, but you are only punishing yourself.

34. Change Your Perspective

When situations arise, you may immediately feel emotions, whether slighted, agitated or downright annoyed. Look for a new angle. By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, you’ll be able to see it from a different viewpoint.

33. End Hurtful Relationships

Life is too short to stick around somewhere you are unhappy. If you are in a relationship that is not healthy, break it off. Clear your head, and get some alone time. Do whatever you must do to remove yourself from the situation to process your thoughts and emotions.

32. Let Go of Control

The idea that you have control is a fallacy. Life is an adventure meant to be experienced as you flow through the ups and downs of life. The more you try to control, the more “pushy” you become and the only thing you will do, is push everything and everyone away.

31. Live in the Present Moment

There is nothing like the present moment. There is no point in dreaming about the future or regretting the past. What you have is today, so make the most of it.

30. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The older we get, the more our comfort zones shrink. Things become regular, routine and stale. The rest of our lives are on schedule, following the same patterns. While it is comfortable, it doesn’t allow for growth. Experiencing new things catapults us and gives us new-found freedom and confidence.

29. Go with the Flow

When you are rigid, it’s like trying to swim upriver. You are going to struggle. When you are easygoing, you’re flowing like water, letting whatever the day might bring flow with you. Life flows, energy flows, music flows, dance flows; listen to the rhythm and the flow and dance with it.

28. Push Your Boundaries

Know your limits but don’t ever accept them.

27. Explore Yourself

Do you know who you truly are? Can you look in a mirror and say in one sentence more than just what defines you?

26. Make Heartfelt Connections

Never underestimate the impact you can have on someone else’s life.

25. Love What You Do

Your greatest work will come from loving what you do. When you don’t love what you do, you have settled for less and have given up on your dreams.

Don’t settle for less; create your masterpiece.

24. Find Satisfaction in the Simple Things

True happiness comes from freedom, and freedom comes from eliminating desire. When you desire, you suffer. The simple things matter most; it’s time to put them into reality.

23. Live True to Yourself

Living true to yourself means trusting yourself. Listen to your heart. It knows what’s best for you.

22. Express Yourself

We are all creators. Our minds are the paintbrush, and the earth is our easel.

21. Go Easy on Yourself

Life is a drag when you are constantly beating yourself up. Learn to let go and forgive yourself. Everybody makes mistakes.

20. Stay in Contact with Friends

Don’t let time slip away. Forgive, move forward and reconnect if you’ve fallen out of touch. One of the top 5 regrets people have on their deathbed is not staying in contact with their friends.

19. Let Go of Guilt

Guilt is something we invented to make us feel unworthy. The game of hiding and seek you created for yourself. Find the real you, the center of yourself, your Godhood.

The illusion is that until you feel you have suffered enough, you won’t wake up to your true power, identity, or eternal self.

18. Let Yourself Be Happy

If you are a parent, you know the most important thing you want for your children is for them to be happy. So give it to yourself.

17. When You’re About to Say No… Say Yes!

How many times have you held yourself back from something that could have been fun? How often have you said no to an opportunity that could have been a great adventure?

What really do you have to lose? Just do it!!

16. Be Patient

Patience doesn’t mean waiting; it means continually working hard on your dreams and keeping a positive attitude. Just because something isn’t happening for you right now in this very moment you want to doesn’t mean it will never happen.

15. Keep Moving

If you stand still waiting for the wave to come crashing down on you… you’re going to get swept away. Instead, grab a board and ride with the waves of life.

14. Don’t Worry So Much

95% of what you worry about doesn’t manifest into reality anyways, so don’t lose sleep over it. Lose the worry and replace it with trust.

13. Don’t Hold Grudges

Everyone has their own reasons, their perception of life, and their own path to follow. Holding a grudge only hurts you.

12. Show Compassion

Rise above the situation; showing compassion to others, it will lift their spirit and yours.

11. Give Openly

By giving, we are receiving. The more we give, the more we receive. You cannot give unselfishly because while you may not realize it on some level, you are getting something out of it. Whether it is just that nice warm feeling that you have done something good, you always receive it when you give. And that’s the beauty of giving! It is always a win-win, and nothing can beat it!

10. Love Freely

By learning to love others freely, we, in turn, are loving ourselves. Life is like looking into a mirror; every person, every teacher, is you. Love your teachers; they bring hard lessons and significant development. By existing in this state, we make a huge step in clearing negative energy blockages and increasing our ability to connect with others more deeply.

9. Put Yourself Out there

By embracing your vulnerability, you empower yourself. Don’t shy away from fear; instead, use it to show where you should go next.

8. Let People Judge You

Let people criticize you because anyone who says something negative to you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with their own internal state.

7.  Enjoy the Ride

Life is an adventure, and you are an explorer. Heading out into the farthest vastness of incarnations to learn, grow and experience. Soak up your surroundings. You may not be back for a while.

6. Be Understanding

Righteousness doesn’t mean being right; it means showing love, compassion and understanding, no matter what you think is right.

5. Don’t Wait for Tomorrow 

The next moment in your life is not more important than now. Do today what you dream of later; live today like it was your last.

4. Follow Your Intuition

The flash of insight you get before you make that important decision, trust it. The subtle nudge or gentle pull.. you feel before the situation comes to a close and you still have time, follow it. You know more than you think; you just have to trust yourself.

3. Have Humility

You may feel you have made a thousand terrible mistakes, and you may make one thousand more. There are no mistakes; there are only lessons. You are learning and growing; it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It’s only as big of a deal as you make it. Go easy on yourself.

2. Follow Your Heart

Your heart knows before you know. A complex organ that generates its own electromagnetic field, holding its own consciousness, producing subtle energy just below our average level of awareness. Follow the feelings of your heart, your

intuition, and this sixth sense that nudges you in the right direction. It will never fail you when you choose to listen finally.

1. Don’t Miss the Dance

Alan Watts believed that the true existence of the entire universe was playful. Without need or necessity, it isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t have a destination it ought to arrive at.

“In music, one doesn’t make the end of a composition the point of it. If so, the best conductors would be the ones who played the fastest or those who only wrote finales. You would go to a concert to only hear one crashing cord because that’s the end. If you are dancing, you don’t aim at one spot in the room, because that is where you should arrive… the whole point of the dancing, is the dance.”- Alan Watts

If this list seems large, remember that you will have gained a bit each time through each milestone.

From 21-28 you may have learned how to express yourself better, from 28-35 you may have acquired the confidence you lacked to speak you mind more. From 35-42 you may have learned to show understanding and compassion.

Life is a school for the soul. We are here to learn, and we are here to play, so don’t miss the dance!

This article 50 Ways to Live Life Without Regrets was initially published here at isoulscience.com on August 12, 2016, and has been updated on August 1 2022, for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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