How To Deal With Past Life Trauma

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Navigating the journey of healing from past life trauma is a deeply personal and often challenging endeavor. Whether these experiences stem from childhood, adolescence, or adult life, their impact can resonate long into one’s future, influencing behavior, relationships, and self-perception. If you’re a mental health advocate, trauma survivor, or anyone looking to understand more about confronting past trauma, here are ten powerful strategies designed to support and guide you through the healing process.

Strategies for healing past life trauma:

  1. Acknowledge the trauma: It’s important to recognize and accept the trauma from past lives. Validate your feelings and experiences, even if they’re not completely clear. This is a crucial part of healing.
  2. Explore past life regression: If you are struggling, consider past life regression therapy with a qualified therapist. This therapy can help you access memories and experiences from past lives, offering insights and resolution into your trauma in a safe environment.
  3. Practice self-compassion: Treat yourself kindly as you heal from past life trauma. Focus on self-care, self-love, and being compassionate towards yourself throughout this journey.
  4. Seek support: Reach out to friends, family, or professionals for support. Sharing your experiences and feelings can help validate them, bring understanding, and make you feel less isolated.
  5. Release emotions: Use therapeutic techniques like journaling, creative activities, meditation, or energy healing to release emotions tied to past life trauma. It’s vital to allow yourself to feel and express these emotions safely.
  6. Forgive and move on: Forgive yourself and others involved in past life experiences. Forgiveness means letting go of resentment and anger, helping you to move forward.
  7. Explore your spirituality: Engage with your spiritual side and connect with something greater. Find spiritual practices, beliefs, or communities that resonate with you and offer healing support.
  8. Explore energy healing: Consider methods like Reiki, acupuncture, or crystal healing to clear blocked energy and facilitate deeper healing.
  9. Ground and center yourself: Use grounding and centering techniques to feel more present, balanced, and connected. Meditation, mindfulness, or spending time in nature can help you find your equilibrium and reduce anxiety.
  10. Take your time: Healing from past life trauma is a process that requires patience and dedication. Be gentle with yourself and allow healing to happen at your pace.


Healing the past to create a space for the future, enjoying the present moment, and taking care of yourself are all critical components of recovering from trauma. Remember that healing is a journey, and it’s essential to be gentle with yourself along the way. With patience, self-care, and support from others, you can overcome your traumas and live a fulfilling life. So take the first step towards healing today by reaching out for help and exploring healthy coping mechanisms. You are not alone, and you deserve to live a life free from the weight of trauma. Keep moving forward, one day at a time. Your journey towards healing starts now.

Fun Fact: 25% of Americans believe in reincarnation and an estimated 1.4 Billion people worldwide.

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