8 Ways To Stay Balanced As An Empath


Are you an empath? Do you feel like a sponge absorbing all the energy from people around you? This could be good or bad energy but nonetheless harmful to our minds and bodies in the long run. All humans have male and female energies. One helps us with our thinking, and the other symbolizes our emotions. Once the balance is gone, you feel out of place, irritated, and tired. You find that you have less motivation and less energy.

Empaths are mostly dominated by female energy when they don’t know how to keep the balance to protect themselves. They are more intuitive, sense things faster than others, and absorb others’ vibrations to the point where they can’t exercise their own will at times. If you are one of those people who find it hard to balance yourself as an empath, here are eight tips to help you:

1. Take control of your emotions. Get in charge

You are the boss! Repeat this; you are the boss! Remind yourself of this when you notice someone’s bad vibes or destructive emotional ups and downs. Do not let these vibrations take control of your body and mind. Remember that you can have a protective shield and not a sponge. It is good to be intuitive and have strong senses, so use these qualities positively for yourself and don’t let the information that flows into your system overpower you. Keep a mental distance that will enable you to see things from a healthier perspective.

2. Your willpower matters

Empaths find it hard to use their will powers to their advantage once they lose their balance. Sometimes, to the degree of feeling other people’s wills as if they’re their own. It might get confusing. In times like these, it is a good idea to take notes and write things down about yourself and what you need and what you want. Go back to these notes when you feel you are getting further away from yourself and about to take a path that is not meant to be yours. Never feel guilty for having willpower; it does not make you selfish; it only makes you stronger and protects you.

3. Turn the lights off, mentally

When you realize things are getting overwhelming, and you find yourself consumed with bad or negative vibrations coming from all corners, shut down your channels. It is like turning the lights off mentally; it is your way of telling yourself enough! Because you need time on your own and away from all these mind-tangling energies around you to sort out where you are, where you should be, what your feelings are and how you can help yourself.

4. Know when to run

When we say run, we don’t mean it badly. You have people you care about, and they need your help and support, but when you find yourself in an emotionally draining situation, or if this is a repeating situation that leaves you drained and unmotivated, it is time to run. Get yourself out of that situation. Listen to the signs your mind and your body are giving you. Trust your gut feelings, and if something doesn’t feel right, do not get involved with it.

5. Take good care of your body

A good diet can help you balance your immune system and metabolism. But not only that, but when you have a balanced body, your energy levels will be higher, and you will feel healthier. Make a list of when you eat things and figure out which gives you discomfort and makes you feel sick or tired. Try to eat natural organic foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, jogging, walking… any exercise will help your brain release more endorphins naturally and help you find your balance.

6. Don’t forget your mind

You need to take care of your mind as much as your body. You need those grey-brain cells to function correctly. A daily meditation, especially mindfulness meditation, can help you with this. You can also try transcendental meditation. They both help keep you in the present moment, and with breathing exercises and repeating mantras, you can reorganize your brain and get rid of the thoughts that are useless to you and give you stress and anxiety.

7. Positive affirmations

When we put our focus and energy into something that we want, we have the power to achieve it. Positive affirmations help us in this area. Repeating them daily reprograms our brains, boosts our self-esteem and keeps us focused on our path to self-improvement. Positive affirmations also help us when we feel weak and need to recharge our batteries. A few minutes devoted to this daily practice will soon help you in need of an emergency. Use this moment when you repeat these affirmations as an emergency break to pull yourself out of a situation and quickly regain your focus and energy.

8. Reduce your consumption of certain things

Alcohol, caffeine, drugs that are stimulants… All these things are bad habits for everyone, but especially when you are an empath, they are worse for you. Imagine this: you have your radar on, scanning everyone and everything around you, and it’s on autopilot. This scan happens constantly, and the results are coming in seconds. You are very vulnerable and open to emotional breakdowns. Because your mind doesn’t know how to rest, you get emotionally involved in these things too. Caffeine and drugs that give stimulation will make you panic and anxious, and alcohol will bring you down and weaken you. Stay away from these bad habits as much as you can to protect your inner balance.

This article 8 Ways to Stay Balanced As An Empath, was originally published here at isoulscience.com July 19, 2016.

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