3 Ways to Heal Your Inner Child

3 Simple Ways to Heal Your Inner Child

During the first six years of our lives, our programming is being set. Psychologically, this programming will determine how we deal with life, our confidence level, and how we define what love looks like and feels.

The relationship with our parents and caretakers is the most crucial connection we establish. This first understanding becomes the definition of love whether the home is full of tremendous love or lack thereof—even the happiest households give birth to children who harbour feelings of pain and rejection.

As you become the adult, you, the inner child, is compartmentalized into your psyche, holding the pain, rejection and programming.

Until these emotional wounds are healed, they will continue to manifest outwardly and can create all sorts of problems. You may find that you continually live the same scenarios in life, such as finding partners who mirror your original household upbringing yet are not healthy for you.

Until we can bring these wounds front and center and incorporate them into our conscious awareness, they will continue to live in a “box in our mind”, the inner child psyche that is still looking to be heard and healed.

1. Accept the Past

It is common in hurtful situations to avoid the pain and stifle the memories. But by suppressing the memories, they are bound to manifest negatively in other aspects of our lives. By accepting our

pain and bringing our memories forward into conscious awareness, those memories can be healed.

We may not remember the events in our earliest years, but we never forget the feelings. Acceptance of the past is the first step to healing.

“The past cannot be changed, edited or erased. It can only be accepted”. –unknown

2. Dissect the Parental Relationship

This doesn’t mean pointing fingers or assessing blame on your parents. Instead, it means empathizing and practicing forgiveness. Know that your parents are also broken children who did not heal properly.

Your childhood could be a reflection of their childhood. They may have vowed to do better than their parents did, but unless they could heal themselves, the cycle from generation to generation continues.

We may not be able to change the past, but we can change our perceptions.

3. Bridge the Connection

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to connect with your inner child and hear what needs to be healed. By creating a safe place in your mind for your inner child, you build a bridge to connect the adult you and the child in you.

Once this connection has been made, you may be stunned by what your mind was hiding from you. Memories can surface that you may not even believe belonged to you.

Speak to your inner you and let him know that the adult you will now take care of the child. Let the child know it is time to let go of the past, and everything will be ok.

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